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Third teen charged in link to Quartz Hill attack plot:

A third suspect has been charged in relation to the plot to attack Quartz Hill High School in California. It seems like that the third suspect may not have been directly involved with the original plot. This suspect was arrested for making threats against two students over the telephone to the students that he wanted to join the other two and continue their plot to kill students at Quartz Hill High School. The suspect is a 16-year-old Quartz Hill High student who is a friend of the original suspects. The latest suspect also threatened to kill his parents. The phone calls were made while the suspect was visiting a relative in another part of the state.

The boy appeared in Sylmar Juvenile Court on Friday to be arraigned on five counts of making criminal threats against his parents, the two students he talked to on the telephone and Quartz Hill High School students in general.

Still no word on if the original suspects will be tried as adults.

3 thoughts on “Third suspect charged in Quartz Hill

  1. kayla says:

    he was drunk he didnt do it i know who he is and he s not that kind of perso please let him go…….please!:sad:


  2. Kyle N. says:

    Thanks for sticking up for me.
    No one else did…


  3. theonewhoknows says:

    Kayla is not the only one who stuck up for this kid. I was friends with the “two” girls who heard the threats over the phone, and for about the first two weeks a lot of people thought it was me.

    I got so many threats to get beaten up, most of them not even directly to my face, because they believed Kyle and not me.

    Don’t you think threatening to beat up the supposed “tattle-tale” is considered sticking up for someone?

    It is.


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