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Friend casts suspicion on Dyleski:

It turns out that it was Scott Dyleski’s close friend and partner in the alleged credit card fraud/marijuana growing scheme that tipped off investigators to Dyleski in the brutal slaying of Pam Vitale…

According to sources close to the case, a teenage friend of Dyleski saw him hours after the killing with scratches on his face. Dyleski told his friend he got scratched while walking in the woods.

A few days later, as the case attracted media attention, Dyleski told his friend he was worried investigators might find his own DNA on Vitale. He told his friend that Vitale saw him in the woods and grabbed him.

The story made the friend suspicious about Dyleski. He also was worried because he and Dyleski were involved in a scheme to use fraudulent credit cards to purchase marijuana-growing lights and have them sent to the homes of neighbors.

Originally it was thought that Dyleski killed Pam Vitale because he was caught having the marijuana growing equipment sent to Vitale’s house but that has since been abandoned since no evidence has been found substantiating that.

The friend will testify against Dyleski in exchange for credit card fraud charges being dropped.

3 thoughts on “Friend dropped the dime on Dyleski

  1. Soobs says:

    So if they no longer believe that the reason for the murder, was because Pamela found out about the delivery, are they telling what they believe the motive was in killing her?


  2. TheVoiceOfReason says:

    Though I haven’t looked into this case since a few weeks after it originally happened, I have yet to see any actual evidence that this kid did the crime. Sure, he smoked marijuana and listened to “satanic” music, but these days that can’t be used to determine if someone is a killer. If the marijuana growing theory is being abandoned, why exactly are they so convinced that Scott Dyleski is the person to blame? Why isn’t the husband being examined more closely? Not to say that he necessarily did it – though I think he has the knowledge and experience to carry it out effectively and without being caught – but if Dyleski’s main motive is being abandoned, what will they use against him? By this point, if it were to go to trial, I don’t see what evidence could be used to convict.


  3. Trench says:

    There was talk at one point about a mistaken identity/revenge motive but I haven’t heard anything about it since.


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