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School attack alleged:

Another high school athletic hazing incident has been reported. This time it’s from Sierra Vista High School in Las Vegas, Nevada…

The incident, which took place about 5:45 p.m. on Feb. 3 in the school’s gymnasium, involved members of Sierra Vista’s boys varsity basketball team. Six or more players jumped a newcomer to the squad and took him to the floor. One or more of the attackers inserted fingers into the victim’s rectum, sources said.

And once again there are allegations of a coverup…

Sources familiar with the incident also are raising questions about the conduct of a Sierra Vista administrator. Educators are required by law to report abuse involving minors. In this incident, sources said that the victim was reluctant to step forward. His mother first called police.

“This administrator tried to dissuade the (victim’s) mother from reporting it,” one source said. “He also asked Metro (police) to postpone the investigation until after the game.”

A school administrator trying to cover up a crime by an athletic team. Go figure.

I will give the school this much credit, the athletes involved have been suspended and face expulsion. Police are also saying that those involved may be looking at felony charges.

I wonder how long it will be before someone defends this instance of sexual sadism as “boys being boys”.

Link via Bad Jocks.

16 thoughts on “Sierra Vista High Hazing Incident

  1. ZappaCrappa says:

    Nothing says “team” like homosexual sexual assault.

    New Cheer for the ball team:

    We’re Sierra Vista, We’ve got class!!!
    We will win or stick our finger up your ass!!!!
    Go Team!!!!!


  2. ZappaCrappa says:

    I’ve done some research on the school and here are some very interesting and revealing facts about it:

    School Colors – Brown and darker brown
    School Team Name – The Hershey Highway Raiders (also considered – Clinched Rectums)
    School Fight Song – “Stinky Little Finger” by Frank Zappa
    School Motto – Don’t drop the soap
    School Mascot – A Proctologist


  3. Trench says:

    Opposing teams could chant “Brokeback Mountain clap clap clap-clap-clap”.


  4. Will Shadow says:

    I knew it. All highschool athletes are compulsively gay.


  5. ZappaCrappa says:

    ZappaCrappa = former high school athelete and flaming heterosexual:lol:


  6. Will Shadow says:

    Well, you were probably one of the ones who was raped.

    They never let ’em through.

    BAD JOCK: Hey look, it’s a straight guy!
    BAD JOCK 2: Let’s put somthing up his ass!


  7. TheVoiceOfReason says:

    Seriously, what kind of sick fucks find it an act of “team bonding” to commit digit-insertion anal rape? When I was in high school the varsity basketball team just liked to get drunk.


  8. Soobs says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever understand boys/men. Girls will just call you names, take your boyfriend, or ostracize you from the “group.” 😛


  9. Trench says:

    Will, when people as old as ZC and myself were in high school this kind of practice was unheard of.


  10. ZappaCrappa says:

    heh heh…sorry Will…..ZappaCrappa = Never a victim of “man-rape” 😆


  11. C Dude says:

    Me thinks Will be supressing some issues. I played a few sports in high school and never had things inserted into my anus. Although I did have a Metallica “Metal Up Your Ass” t-shirt…hmmm

    From a local perspective though – C Sister is a Mind Doctor for the LV school system and they did in fact try to keep this from getting out. She works with the little kids but knows the doc that dealt with this. The school admin tried to shut it down, and it hasn’t gotten much play on the local news here at all. The LV school system has major issues and the news media here seems to side with the admins on keeping stuff like this on the down low.

    Now if we could just get Will some help.


  12. McGee says:

    I taught at Sierra Vista last year, and it does not shock me that Admins are tryin to cover this up. The principal has been on the front page of the Las Vegas Review Journal before – for making loans out of student generated funds. Yours truly was involved in a censorship situation there – type in Plainsong and Sierra Vista in a search engine and read all about it. There are other things I would like to comment on, but my lawyer would kill me. Put it this way – that kid should not have had to go through this. 😥


  13. Will Shadow says:

    “Will, when people as old as ZC and myself were in high school this kind of practice was unheard of.”
    “heh heh…sorry Will…..ZappaCrappa = Never a victim of “man-rape””

    To both: Thank God.

    “Now if we could just get Will some help.”

    :shock:I’m fine, I swear.


  14. Will Shadow says:

    And I’m not a sports person at all. I sit on the computer all day.


  15. The Count says:

    I hesitant to believe this considering it all sounds vaugely familier. However, since these people are from las vegas any thing is possible.


  16. ZappaCrappa says:

    Will wrote: ” 😯 I’m fine, I swear.”

    heh heh…Will has the right attitude. Just don’t go trying to play “wide receiver” ( or worse…tight end) at any school in san francisco and you’ll be all right 🙄


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