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LaFollette mayor charged with gambling:

How’s this for an interesting story? Kenny Michael Bartley, the father of Campbell County High School shooter Kenneth Bartley Jr., was indicted in an illegal gambling scheme along with the mayor of LaFollette, Tenn. I guess the criminal apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

31 thoughts on “Ken Bartley’s dad indicted

  1. I have a friend who resides in Campbell Cty. Evidently this is not the first time that Bartley has been in trouble.


  2. Ed says:

    If the intent behind your site, trench, is to poke humor at these situations, then you are completely immoral and immature. It is not a funny ordeal for anyone to go to prison for anything. It is a very serious situation


  3. Will Shadow says:

    And that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it.

    But please, go away.

    Personally, I find it funny that the mayor is gambling. *oops!*


  4. Trench says:

    It is not a funny ordeal for anyone to go to prison for anything.

    Neither is shooting an unarmed man dead.


  5. ZappaCrappa says:

    I do sometimes find humor in it…like when I worked for the 1st Marine Division Comptroller and a Marine that was in a Mexican prison for raping a teen girl requested a “Large jar of vaseline” every month…I found that EXTREMLY funny and very appropriate. By the way…we didn’t send him the vaseline…we figured he deserved it dry:wink:


  6. Alyric says:

    *hands the troll a poisoned cookie*

    Back under the bridge now, kay? :mrgreen:


  7. Rogue says:

    All politicians are corupt
    Everyone knows that

    No surprise here



  8. Someone says:

    How can you even correlate the two? Father gambling, son charged with first degree murder. You’re really hard up for anything, aren’t you Trench? Get a life and stop obsessing over the Bartley family.


  9. Someone says:

    Do you have a job Trench?


  10. Trench says:

    Yes I do have a job. But how do I correlate the two? It’s easy. Dad=criminal. Son=criminal. Do I have to draw you a picture?


  11. Someone says:

    I imagine you were beat up frequently as a child and as an adult. Correlation: Loser now=frequently beat up as an adult
    Loser as a child=frequently beat up as a child.
    And yes, please draw me a picture. I’d like that.


  12. Someone says:

    Judging by the comments above, no one seems to like you Trench. Go away.


  13. Ashley 'Reb' Farley says:

    Well, everyone’s information Kenny Michael Bartley killed a man in the late 70’s, after the man walked in while ken was sleeping with his wife Ken “defended:roll:” himself to the point where the man was murdered.But, of course he got away with it, it was infact self defense:roll:


  14. Bobbie7day says:

    Very good Ashley ‘Reb’ Farley. But, I believe you said it yourself. He was found not guilty, by reason of self defense. Totally unrelated to Kenneth’s situation. Just one more thing for ignorant people to bring up to try and make Kenneth look bad. The man that Mr. Bartley shot, came into his place of work and began beating him up. Mr. Bartley then reached for his gun and shot the assailant in self defense. Whether Bartley was sleeping with the man’s wife is unknown. The woman worked for Bartley, but it was never confirmed that she was having an affair with him. The woman was involved in drugs and it is believed that her husband was too.


  15. Ericka says:

    The family dynamics are such that, though it’s a shame, I’m not surprised that Jr. would’ve acted out. I’m just surprised that it had to be like this. I lived in Campbell Co. most of my life, just moving out of town right after this incident. And if I can remember, Sr. was busted the week before Jr. did the school.. In fact, I think it was exactly a week before.

    LaFollette (the biggest town in Campbell Co., and the town right next to Jacksboro, where the school is) was under the mayorial leadership of Mr. Jennings for 15+ years. For those years, LaFollette was a hellhole. Then he lost one race, and for 4 years, was one of the best places around to live in, travel to, etc.. And then he won the next election, and guess what? Two big employment contracts that almost happened fell through, places started having to lay off employees because there was no income…. LaFollette is such a hellhole, again, and I can’t go back, because I’m sickened by what HE’S done.

    Sorry for the rambling…


  16. Bobbie7day says:

    What in the hell are you talking about Ericka? Rambling is right. I just wasted seconds of my day reading your post about nothing.


  17. Alma says:

    I know first hand what Erika is talking about…this area of Campbell County is so corrupt…I used to live there too, never again. I will say people needs to know more of why this young man, Ken Jr. did what he did. My heart goes out to him, he is a victim of LaFollette,Tn., just as both my sons were.


  18. Bobbie7day says:

    I believe you Alma. LaFollette, TN (Campbell County) is a horrible place. I have never witnessed, a more drug ridden, corrupted town in my entire life. And I have been to quite a few places. There is nothing quite like it. And hopefully during Kenneth’s trial, the truth of how awful this town is, will come to light. As well as the many other contributing factors, such as his family, friends, lack of guidance and direction, drug abuse, emotional/behavioral problems stemming from neglect, by both the school system and those who were responsible for raising this child.


  19. Trench says:

    Yeah, let’s throw the whole town in jail instead of the person who…you know…shot and killed someone. ๐Ÿ™„


  20. Bobbie7day says:

    I’ve often said that the entire town itself needs to be eliminated from the map. So this is a thought, Trenchie. ๐Ÿ™„


  21. Cinda Hacker says:

    Top of page logo looks like Caleb from the old game “Blood”. Just wondering.


  22. Trench says:

    Actually that is an original that someone had made for me.


  23. Cougar Mom says:

    A Petition has been started to Honor Ken Bruce by naming the new elementary school in Campbell County after him. Mr. Bruce was killed on November 8, 2005 when a school shooting occurred at Campbell County High School in Jacksboro, TN. Please take a minute and help the community as we start to heal.


  24. Dee Dee says:

    Instead of putting this child in prison for the rest of his life get him help to find out why he felt the need to fire the gun and how does a child get a gun if the parent dont leave it where he can get it i have a 12 1/2 year old son who still plays and is a normal kid he is not much younger than ken i cant see putting a child who is not fully mature in a cell with grown men he is young enough to be rehabilitaded and is young enough to learn what he has done wrong and be able to make a change.. wow aint you all glad that Jesus gave you a 2nd chance to get your heart and life right… and for those of you that dont know who Jesus is you know the man who died on the cross for you at Calvary so you wouldn’t have to go to hell.
    And why did Mike Hatmaker sell this child out to be tried as an adult instead of letting a jury decide his fate


  25. Cougar Mom says:

    First of all he can be tried by a jury as an adult, and most like will be. Actually most juvenile courts do not use juries so therefore a local judge would have sealed Kenneth’s fate. Second I don’t believe that Mr. Hatmaker has sold this child out. I believe he is making educated decisions concerning his client and the defense team. In the state of Tennessee (quite different than other states) the ONLY way for Kenneth to stand trial as a juvenile would be to have him proven to have some mental incapacity. Perhaps by trying Kenneth as an adult, those that are truly responsible will be shown to light (administrators of Campbell County). In an adult trial, it is the only way to have a defense that would include negligence other than Kenneth ONLY.
    The owner of the gun was Kenneth’s father and was recently purchased and had been put away out of site but not yet locked up but Kenneth came upon it while searching for prescription pills.
    I agree with you DeeDee that Kenneth can be rehabilitated .. problem is what about the Principal who will not even acknowledge his own role .. that’s the one that will not be able to be rehabilitated but yet the school board and the community of Campbell County still allows Mr. Seale to hold the precious lives of our children at the high school each and every day.
    The blood of the next school shooting shall be on the hands of the School Board of CC, who has made no policy changes and who has yet to remove those that are negligent in that shooting from ever putting our children in harms way again!!
    I am glad that Jesus gave me a second chance and I cherish that fact with all my heart .. however I am not willing to give Mr. Seale a second chance of being the cause of death of one of my children (thankfully one has graduated).


  26. Jacob says:

    This is insane. There are folks on this page blaming the the mayor, the school, the school board, the community, and the boy’s father for this crime.

    Why can’t we just say Kenneth Bartley is crazy? Did they take crazy out of the dictionary? Or is it too politically incorrect to place the blame on the actual shooter?

    What ever happened to discipline?? Kenneth Bartley is obviously a disturbed person. The shooting is his fault. You can come up with any exucuses you want regarding this case, but he is at fault. Period.


  27. CougarMom says:

    I’m not going to call Kenneth crazy because I dont believe he is. Actually had Kenneth been classified as “crazy” then the trial would have been set for juvenile court with an insanity plea (thats how TN law is). So the judge DOESNT believe he’s “crazy”.

    And the bottom line is that a judge and jury will decide his fate starting on Tuesday (4/10).


  28. Jacob says:

    Anyone who brings a loaded gun to school and shoots innocent people is crazy. I was fifteen once, I don’t remember kids bringing guns to school and shooting the assistant principal.

    I’m tired of this liberal/academia banter that tries to replace personal responsibility with blame on ‘society’ or ‘the system.’ Or, in this case, the school board. It DOES NOT take a village to raise a child.


  29. Bobbie Day says:

    Jacob, you are a retard.


  30. Kendall says:

    I personally knew both of them. It shocked the HELL out of me that Kenneth would shoot anyone. He was always real polite and sweet to everyone. His Dad and Grandpa were the same way..Everyone makes mistakes. Yeah, maybe he did cause a little trouble in Campbell County (before the shootings) but what kid doesn’t?? People are so immature and just want to babble on about other people. Do half of you people know the Bartley’s? Probably not. So you cannot judge them by what you have read or heard.


  31. Bobbie Day says:

    I agree.


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