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Judge orders Dyleski to stand trial in Vitale murder:

A judge has ruled that there is a sufficient amount of evidence to reasonably try Scott Dyleski for the murder of Pam Vitale and he will be tried as an adult…

During the first three days of testimony Contra Costa County prosecutor Harold Jewett presented evidence painting Dyleski as a disturbed young man.

He showed Dyleski’s drawings, that included a figure holding a bloody knife who was wearing a ski mask and a trench coat. Jewett pointed out that some of the clothes found by detectives during their investigation included a bloody ski mask and a trench coat that he believes Dyleski wore during the killing.

Jewett also presented drawings and printed examples of symbols found in Dyleski’s bedroom that were similar, but not identical, to the mark found on Vitale’s back. Defense attorney Ellen Leonida of the public defender’s office argued against allowing Dyleski’s artwork in, saying a lot of artwork is disturbing and is not evidence of murder. But the judge disagreed, and will allow certain of Dyleski’s drawings to be used by prosecutors in a trial.

Witnesses who lived with Dyleski at his home about a mile down Hunsaker Canyon Road from Vitale and Horowitz testified that on the morning of Oct. 15, Dyleski came home with scratches or “gouge-like” marks on his face.

Witnesses also testified that Dyleski became paranoid on the day before his arrest on Oct. 19, and began talking about his fear that his DNA might be found on Vitale’s body. He told a story of a woman who pulled over in a car and grabbed his arm while he was on a walk in the neighborhood as the reason for his concern.

All that even after Dyleski’s mom destroyed evidence

After Dyleski’s Oct. 19 arrest, authorities arrested Fielding as an accessory to murder after the fact for destroying a red writing journal of her son’s, a box of disposable gloves and a written list of the names and credit card information for a number of her and her son’s neighbors. The charges were dropped after Fielding agreed to testify for prosecutors against Dyleski.

Not only that but Pam Vitale’s DNA was found on Scott Dyleski’s belongings

Prosecutors concluded the hearings Friday with testimony from David Stockwell, a DNA expert who said Vitale’s DNA was found on the boy’s duffel bag, with a statistical probability that 1 in 13 quadrillion other Caucasians would share the same profile.

Detectives discovered the duffel, which was affixed with Dyleski’s nametag, during a search of the property where the teen lived with 11 other individuals.

The bag contained bloody clothes that prosecutors believe Dyleski wore when he allegedly killed Vitale, and a mixture of both their DNA was found on a ski mask, shoes, and the bag itself.

Dyleski is ineligible for the death penalty because he was under 18 at the time of the murder.

3 thoughts on “Dyleski to stand trial

  1. Kimberly says:

    So not only is his mom an idiot who thinks people can change their genes via
    emotional therapy, she’s also a moral idiot who destroyed evidence that could
    be used against her son. But some people will think it was Marilyn Manson who
    drove him to murder.

    Ironic, isn’t it, that the evidence she didn’t destroy – the duffel –
    contains DNA that might put her son on death row?


  2. ZappaCrappa says:

    Just goes to show…nut job parents raise nut job kids…who woulda thunk it.


  3. Steph says:

    So the trial was on Tuesday, and I haven’t heard anything about the case except
    with whats been on here.

    Can anyone let me know if he has been jailed, put to death, or let go?
    It was leading up till Tuesday, and then I don’t hear anything.
    Let me know?


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