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Without truth there is no justice

It’s been over 2 months since we dipped into the old mail sack. Don’t worry, this one is mutant free. It’s just a nice little e-mail I got from someone named Fynn. The subject read “My Apologies”.

I have been reading comments left on your brilliant website, but I’d like to apologise on behalf of other readers. They dont know how to spell, they use abusive language and I think it brings down the tone of the good writing that you create.

Thank you for the compliment Fynn but no apologies are necessary. The abusive language just shows that they lack the intelligence for a legitimate argument. Thanks again for your e-mail.

3 thoughts on “2/20/06 From The Mail Sack

  1. C Dude says:

    I’m offendeded. I don’t no how to speel, but that doesnt’ make me stuupid. and dutry langwage It doesnt’ bring down the tone eether.


  2. ZappaCrappa says:

    Maybee yew shuld by a dickshunary CD : )


  3. C Dude says:

    Keep my privit parts out of this.


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