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Dr. Scott of Polite Dissent was nice enough to send me this article. In wake of the Sierra Vista High hazing incident, the Las Vegas Review-Journal decided to follow it up with A SPECIAL REPORT on hazing. They interviewed some former high school athletes for their SPECIAL REPORT and read what some of them had so say about hazing…

“It’s humorous, and a little cruel, but you think, hey, you know what, they (the seniors) did the same thing to me a couple years ago,” said former Centennial wrestler Chris Fletcher, 20, who acknowledged throwing clothed, younger wrestlers into showers and duct-taping others to chairs.

And the cycle of abuse perpetuates.

“They didn’t enjoy it while it was happening, but they enjoyed it when they were varsity players and got to do it,” said Ronald Tekpho, 20, who played football and ran track for Valley before graduating in 2003.

Many of the former athletes expressed disgust with allegations surrounding a Feb. 3 incident at Sierra Vista that has left six basketball players facing expulsion and felony charges.

The players are accused of pinning down a younger teammate while at least one of them penetrated his rectum with fingers.

“Hazing is supposed to be fun,” Tekpho said, “not a violation of somebody.”

Asked to elaborate on “fun” types of hazing, Tekpho described spraying a locker with a water hose while a junior varsity player was trapped inside.

“He was screaming, ‘It’s cold, it’s cold! Let me out of here!’ ” said a chuckling Tekpho, a Community College of Southern Nevada student who aspires to be a police officer. “We let him out. We weren’t going to let him die in there.”

While I’m glad that he is disgusted about sexual assault the fact that he’s giddy over false imprisonment doesn’t make me feel any better. And the fact that he’s trying to be a cop makes me fearful.

Playing varsity football for Chaparral in the late 1990s, Steve Puterski and his teammates had one rule after randomly choosing a younger athlete to haze.

“There was no hitting in the face or the groin,” said Puterski, now a 25-year-old journalist in Greeley, Colo. “We just basically beat them in the arms and legs, so they’d be sore but not seriously hurt.”

Puterski says he was similarly hazed years earlier as a junior varsity player.

“They all just kind of took a turn. It was like a senior’s privilege,” he said. “Maybe 10 or 15 guys would come and give you three or four licks each, then they’d help you up, and one of them would give you a ride home. It was just a tradition.”

So how long will it be before forced sodomy among high school athletes becomes “tradition”?

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

2 thoughts on “We now interrupt this blog for A SPECIAL REPORT

  1. come on! says:

    Inserting fingers into the boy’s rectum went WAY over the line. But hazing is NOT always evil. The kid getting hosed got wet and a little cold, so what? “False imprisonment”? Don’t give me that crap. High school is all about pain and exclusion. As someone who was seriously bullied and hazed my freshman year, I became depressed, cut myself and was anorexic from the ages of 10-14. But I survived. Life is tough, you can’t protect kids from getting fucking HOSED…we don’t need to be a society of backboneless pussies.


  2. Garrett Schofield says:

    Having Played at Sierra Vista in the Past. I am completely Disgusted with this Incident….. As former players and I discussed the matter we were upset with the new name the program has taken on… We worked hard as players to Help Build a pragram that we assumed would continue to progress.


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