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Teenager faces charges in Oregon high school shooting:

Charges were filed yesterday of attempted murder, assault, and firearms violations against 14-year-old Vincent Wayne Leodoro, the suspect in the shooting at Roseburg High in Oregon. Authorities allege that Leodoro shot 16-year-old Joseph Monti. Leodoro will be tried as a juvenile because under Oregon law no one under 15 can be tried as an adult. Leodoro missed being tried as an adult by one week when he will turn 15.

Suspect, Victim Identified In School Shooting:

According to this article, Leodoro got the gun from a relative who did not realize it was missing. And that if he is convicted as a juvenile the max he is looking at is 11 years. Monti is expected to make a full recovery.


Investigators say there was an ongoing disagreement between Monti and Leodoro, but the exact motive was not released.

Shooting Suspect Arraigned:

During yesterday’s arraignment of Leodoro, Monti’s brother, Eric Allison, was at the arraignment and called Leodoro a coward several times. Can’t say that I disagree. According to the article, it also appears that Leodoro kept shooting Monti after he was already hit…

Authorities now say it appears that Leodoro fired bullets into Joseph Monti even after he was already down. Allison says his brother does remember being shot. “He was talking to two girls. All of the sudden he was on the ground with no warning. Not like hey I’m going to get you or anything. He just got shot,” said Allison.

Sounds cowardly to me.

There is no confirmed motive but Monti’s brother had this to say…

Allison says his brother knew the suspect and attributes their conflict to teens talking big and speaking out of turn. Meanwhile, authorities say there is no confirmed motive for the shooting beyond the fact that “there was some ongoing conflict between the two parties.”

A trial date will be set for Leodoro on Monday.

Police: Victim may have been shot while he was down:

Some scary details from this article…

Dunbar said a search of Leodoro’s room found some evidence of pending violence but he declined to elaborate.

Dunbar said Monti was shot with a Wyoming Arms 10mm semiautomatic pistol, equal to a .40-caliber, that Leodoro got from home, apparently without permission.

He said it was loaded with hollow-point bullets, which expand on impact and do maximum damage.

10MM with hollow points? It’s a miracle that Monti is still alive. It also goes to show Leodoro’s level of intent and premeditation.

Also, the article states that a group of students knew there would be some kind of confrontation but didn’t know a gun would be involved so they did not notify school authorities.

More as details become available.

One thought on “Roseburg Round-Up

  1. Christi says:

    This kid had tried to use the “proper channels” to make sure Monti left him alone and no one helped. Unfortunately, in MANY Roseburg schools they don’t take bullying very seriously and this is where it ends up- I’m just surprised it didn’t happen sooner.


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