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MySpace Investigation:

Just another “expose” on MySapce but it has some interesting quotes…

Who else is on the ever-popular social Web sites? A recent search on MySpace found this teen, listing her age as 13 and calling herself “Hottie Wid A Body.”

“I’m Delicious” is 15 years old.

So is the minor who calls herself “PlayboySlut101,” who says the perfect date is “going to a party, then having sex.”

This is Megan. Her quote is, “Slippery when wet, boys.”

Parents? Anyone? Beuller?

2 thoughts on “Minor Problem

  1. ~Mel says:

    These girls are playing with fire! Our wonderful culture has these girls judging their self worth by whether they are f*ckable or not. Where oh where are the parents? They have to do something before one of these kids ends up dead from their own stupidity/naivety. (sp) This is too scary for words. I would mug my daughter if I found out she was doing this.


  2. Seriously…parents should watching their children’s online activities. They should take the time to make sure their children aren’t posting stuff which could attract online predators.

    You’re right…where is the parenting?


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