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Without truth there is no justice

‘Kiss me, touch me, feel me, rape me’:

“Kiss me”, “Touch me”, “Feel me”, “Rape me”, the invitations flashed across the photo of a scantily clad young woman on one of the most popular teen Web hangouts in the world,

Just think, that’s somebody’s daughter.

3 thoughts on “Rape Me

  1. thpunishrr says:

    Great site Trench!
    I don’t understand why all these kids are giving out so much personal info.
    On Xanga (like myspace) there are kids as young as 9 years old giving out personal information. I know there are a lot os clueless parents out there but WTH. And Xanga allows pedophiles to have their own blogrings as well as pose pornographic images and writings.


  2. Don’t get me started on the Pedo’s Frank. I’ve been down that road with Xanga and LJ over it.

    (Frank Castle in case you were wondering why I called you Frank *lol* )


  3. Will Shadoe says:

    They’re asking for it. Pity for people like that wh oget raped and killed is SO hard to find.


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