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Man Allegedly Lures Girl For Sex Through MySpace:

Here’s another story of a pedophile who thought he was meeting a 12-year-old girl but is instead met by law enforcement…

VANCOUVER, Wash. — A 26-year-old man is behind bars after allegedly making a date with a 12-year-old girl he met online.

Jeramie Eidem is behind bars in Clark County. He will be back in court Friday.

Detectives say he carried on a sexually explicit cyber conversation with a 12-year-old on the popular Web site MySpace and tried to meet with her.

Detectives say the girl did the right thing. She called her mom into the situation when she realized what was happening on the MySpace Web site. The mom called the sheriff’s office. A meeting was set up, and deputies arrested Eidem, who they say drove up from Columbia City, Ore., with plans to have sex with the girl.

“An arrangement was made for them to meet him at a place in Hazel Dell, and he came over there, and instead he met us,” Sgt. Craig Hogman said.

Detectives say Eidem knew the girl was 12, but that didn’t matter to him. In fact, the meeting was set up in a phone conversation after the Internet chat ended.

Detectives have seized Eidem’s computer from his home to investigate this case. They say it’s possible that he’ll also face federal charges because he crossed state lines in the commission of the crimes.

Luckily, in this case, the girl and her mom had enough sense to realize what was going on and this scumbag will hopefully go away for a long time,

2 thoughts on “Pedophile busted by 12-year-old girl

  1. piper says:

    I 100% agree-whenever I am checking up on my 12 year old, I do it when least expected and without warning. This is the best MO as far as I am concerned. I still ask all the apporpriate questions who, what,
    where, when , why, how, and who’s parent is supervising. But it never hurts to check up, even if it does require some stealth!


  2. Stealth is the key word.


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