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MySpace Dangers:

Yet another local news expose on the evils of MySpace. That seems to be the in thing with local newscasts right now… is a growing phenomenon among teens and also an easy way for people to find you if you’re not careful. Many people think, ‘It couldn’t happen to me.’

Only on KXAN, Jenny Hoff set out to prove those people wrong with a wake-up call at their front doors.

Jenny admits MySpace is a great resource for journalists. She logs on every time there is breaking news to get information.

It’s also a great resource for predators, pedophiles and stalkers, and as I’m about to show you, for anybody who wants to know where you live.

You may call it an ambush. We prefer wake-up call.

This article is actually much better than most of the local newscasts about MySpace. I love the fact that the reporter actually took it to the parents of MySpace users and their children.

This is a great read for any parent whose kids have a MySpace account.

3 thoughts on “Wake Up Call

  1. rainy says:

    i think that we should get rid of my space!!! why would we ever want this kind of space? N why would we……….ok i think we should keep it, but we just need to get rid of all of these friekin old ppl. But ya i better go before i go any farther. Well then bye!!


  2. dancinquieen says:

    hey i think we need to shut myspace down its too dangerous!!
    i had one and got scary messages from scary old guys….
    we need to get the police involed…


  3. Alexa says:

    I dont think we should shut down myspace I myself am a member and I think what those kids do are their faults..noone takes into account that these kids are old enough to know right from wrong and with that should be smart enough to not put them selfs into those kinds of situations…myspace is meant for peope to keep in touch with people like relatives in other states and friends as well and the people who take advantage of that and use it in the wrong way are ignorant and immature


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