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A Parent’s Guide To Checking MySpace:

Another local news article on what parents can do to protect their kids online. I only have one bone to pick with the article…

Remember, experts have said you should warn your child that you are going to look at their Web site, and be prepared to talk reasonably about how they present themselves on the Web.

Screw what the experts say. If you really want to protect your kids don’t tell them you’ll be checking it out. This way they won’t have time to change anything and you can really see what they’re doing online which in turn will let you know how you need to protect your kids. When it comes to protecting your kids be a parent first and their friend second.

2 thoughts on “What would we do without experts?

  1. Tina says:

    Amen to that, Trench!

    That’s why we have the computers here networked. Neither of my kids know when I am going to do my “cyber-recon”, and when they’re busted, they’re busted.

    Kids can be real good about hiding stuff — I know, it wasn’t that long ago I was a kid. 😀


  2. Too much touchy feely crap and not enough real parenting.


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