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Is bullying behind school plot?:

On Friday I told you about the plot against Center Grove High School in Greenwood, Indiana. At that time law enforcement alleged that the motive behind the plot was “bullying”. Now students and parents are starting to doubt that excuse…

James Nussbaum, 18, a forward on the varsity basketball team, said that surprised him.” You see the TV and movies and stuff, and it seems like the athletes kind of run the school,” he said. “It really doesn’t seem like that at our school. I don’t see people . . . making other people feel bad just for the heck of it.”

But he’s a jock so I’m sure you won’t take his word for it.

How about another student?

“I don’t see a lot of bullying going on at our school,” said senior Nikki Parks, 17.

You probably think that she’s one of those popular students so she shouldn’t be believed either.

Anyway, the prosecution is moving for the four suspects to be tried as adults…

They could face a charge of conspiracy to commit confinement with a deadly weapon, he said. The Class B felony carries a penalty of six to 20 years in prison.

And to close we have quotes from 17-year-old Andrea Shene and her mother Cindy…

“High school’s only, what, 700 days of your life?” Shene said of the alleged plot. “There’s so much more past it.”

“Even though these kids can cite bullying,” said Shene, 42, “this is the worst kind of bullying you can do.”

Now that sounds oddly familiar. Where have I heard that before?

3 thoughts on “Center Grove motive disputed

  1. Andrea Shene says:

    My quote was not intended for this site, anyway since you put it on there i would like to put what the reporter cut of the site. The orignal quot was “we attend school what like 700 days if you cant look past what is happening now then you will never be able to move past it.” and I agree with the site you cant just look at bullying some kids are just screwed up like that and think that they can use it as an easy out. At center grove there is name calling between clicks but nothing to make someone go to such great lengths.


  2. charlie says:

    There is soo much bullying at Center Grove that it isnt funny. I see it everyday and I am one of the many kids bullied because I don’t have money and wear name brand clothes. Center Grove is full of rich snobs.


  3. Lawrence says:

    I graduated from CGHS in the late 80’s and I can tell you this the bullying was in full swing then with nothing ever done by the school. It’s the unfortunate result of a white flight school. Wealthy parents who pay their children to leave them alone create bullying monsters. How many times does the kind of violence (or planned violence) have to happen before people realize the root of the problem. If you back someone to the wall enough times they will come out fighting.


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