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MySpace, your space, some say it’s unsafe:

Another local news article about how kids are posting too much information on their blogs. This time from Asheville, North Carolina, the Berkeley of the South.

HENDERSONVILLE Lynn Price doesn’t remember the exact moment she realized she needed to learn something about Xanga. But she knows it was right about the time she heard the screen name one of her students had come up with for herself. (Sorry, it’s unprintable here.)

Flabbergasted, the computer science teacher at Rugby Middle School visited and got a look at the site that was revolutionizing her students’ social lives. What she found didn’t make her feel any better.

“I was scared to death. I was mortified when I came across these 13-year-old girls, beautiful girls in my classroom, and they’re giving their names and they live in Henderson County and they go to Rugby Middle School and they’ve got a soccer match at Hendersonville Middle Wednesday at 4:30, everybody’s going to be there,” she said. “I get real frightened because I’m thinking they haven’t got a clue who they’re inviting to that soccer match by putting that on the Web.

I don’t get it. Are parents really so clueless or such technophobes as to not know what their kids are posting online? Or haven’t they instructed them on the dangers of posting personal information online?

4 thoughts on “More kids posting more personal information

  1. L. says:

    Okay, off topic, but I JUST noticed the “a place for fiends” thing. HA you kill me… that’s just too funny! 😀


  2. I thought it was pretty obvious actually. *lol*


  3. L. says:

    Well… I just sort of overlooked it. Only half reading it and thought it was FRIENDS until I noticed it didn’t


  4. Obvious and yet subtle. Like a fine wine. 😀


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