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In wake of the two arrests in Conn. of two men who molested underage girls they met through MySpace, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is calling on MySpace to make changes to their site to make it safer for children. On the other hand, MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe says “People who put themselves at risk on MySpace, DeWolfe said, would be doing so elsewhere.”

Trench says they’re both right. On the one hand as LilO pointed out, MySpace is horrible when it comes to enforcing their own Terms of Service. On the other hand, parents are doing a great disservice to their children by not checking up on what they’re posting on their MySpace.

Once a happy medium can be finally met then maybe MySpace will be safe for children. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for it.

H/T to Stephen.

One thought on “MySpace gets ready to fight the law

  1. Trench: I don’t know whether this will help in your endeavors, but I have been posting about MySpace since early April. My name is Alan MacLeese and I am a retired newspaperman living in Hallowell, Me. I have posted stuff that may have some relevancy to you on Konspiracy Korner, Sound of Crickets Chirping, Catbird Forum (the Elephant Nest), Buzzmachine, Schobleizer, TechDirt, and other sites here and there. There could be some grist for your mill there. Good luck, almachallowellme.


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