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MARSHFIELD HIGH: Who’s lying? Teen eager for judge to hear his side in school attack plot:

For those of you that have been following my site for a while, you’re familiar with the case out of Marshfield, Mass. Well, the trial of Tobin Kerns finally starts tomorrow. I did not know this previously but Tobin has waived right to a jury trial and the trial will be decided by Plymouth County Juvenile Court Judge Louis Coffin. He’s facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder, promotion of anarchy and threatening to use deadly weapons at school. I really hope Tobin is found not guilty and I’ll tell you why. Let me show you with the following quotes…

Former classmate Joseph Nee, now 20, faces identical charges. Kerns was arrested in September 2004, Nee in October 2004. Both were indicted later that month and have been free on $20,000 bail.

Benjamin Kerns was critical of authorities for continuing to blame his son as others suggested that Nee was the ringleader.

‘‘Within a day, the students all knew the truth,’’ Benjamin Kerns said. ‘‘By that time, the DA had already charged him and were racing forward with things.’’

Within days of posting the original story, I received comment from Marshfield High students defending Tobin Kerns and naming Joe Nee by name as the true ringleader. It took months before someone came forward to defend Joe Nee.

I’ve never met Tobin Kerns but I am very anxious for his trial to be over and that he comes out ok. I think he is being railroaded by a questionable accuser. I still think that Joe Nee accused Tobin of being the ringleader in order to deflect blame from himself before Tobin went to police.

What really scares me is that Tobin is being tried as a youthful offender which means if convicted he could receive an adult sentence if convicted.

I pray to God that Judge Coffin sees the truth and finds Tobin Kerns innocent.

One thought on “Tobin Kerns’ trial starts tomorrow

  1. Mia Scofield says:

    Thank you for your prayers. I am Toby’s aunt. This whole situation is much ado about nothing. The kids just want to all be friends again–and get back to being kids. The adults have blown the whole thing way out of proportion–and and devasted lives in the process. I am praying with all my heart tonight. Thanks you for your prayers. Mia


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