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Trial Of School Plot Suspect Delayed Until April:

As I’ve previously mentioned the trial of Tobin Kerns has been delayed while prosecutors work out possible immunity deals for two witnesses. Well, the judge has postponed the trial until April…

Plymouth Juvenile Court Judge Louis Coffin on Wednesday granted a delay until April 13 to give prosecutors time to ask a Superior Court judge to grant immunity to the witnesses. Juvenile Court judges do not have the authority to grant immunity.

Kerns’ lawyer is upset about the delay, saying the immunity issue should have been resolved before the start of the trial.

I wonder how this is going to affect the trial of Joe Nee. I’m sure these two associates of his will be witnesses for his defense. WIll Nee’s trial take place on time? And again why didn’t the prosecution get these immunity deals, or no deals, done before the trial started? Are they trying to stall pinning their hopes on a Nee acquittal so it would be easier to get Tobin convicted? Since Tobin’s trial is being decided by a judge and not a jury the immunity deals I’m sure would not sway the judge as it would a jury. As each day passes the whole situation stinks more and more of a screwjob.

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