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Without truth there is no justice

Yesterday I talked about how the Tobin Kerns trial was delayed because two of the witnesses for the prosecution requested full immunity for their testimony. I have confirmed that the two witnesses are known associates of Joe Nee who a lot of people in the Marshfield community think should be on trial along with Nee. I won’t divulge their names, as they have not appeared in the media as of yet. If they are invoking their Fifth Amendment rights on the first day of trial it’s obvious they have something to hide. My guess would be is that they were an integral part of the plot that was supposed to be carried out. I think their testimony would also incriminate Nee. You would think that if the DA was going to offer immunity they would have done so by now. Now there is a question of whether Fifth Amendment rights apply in juvenile court. Why isn’t the prosecution being reprimanded for not being prepared? I’m usually not one for conspiracies but this whole situation smells of a screwjob. It sounds like that there are outside influences that are affecting this trial.

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