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Judge sets April hearing in alleged school plot:

This is another article about the two witnesses who requested immunity in the Tobin Kerns trial. Pretty much all you need to know are in the following two paragraphs…

Kerns, 17, is charged with conspiracy to commit crimes, promotion of anarchy, and threatened use of deadly weapons at school. Kerns, then a junior at Marshfield High, was arrested in September 2004 after three fellow students — Joseph Nee, Daniel Farley, and Joseph Sullivan — told police that he was planning an attack on the high school and had compiled a hit list of students, school officials, and police officers, authorities say.

Farley and Sullivan were expected to testify against Kerns on Tuesday. The court appointed attorneys to counsel them about their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. The trial was delayed when the youths requested, through their court-appointed lawyers, immunity from being prosecuted as coconspirators.

So Nee, Farley, and Sullivan went to police to report Kerns. Now all of a sudden they want immunity. I wonder if it’s because they don’t want to incriminate themselves or they don’t want to incriminate Nee who is the son of the head of the Boston Police union? Some people from Marshfield who have contacted me or have left comments on my site have said that Farley and Sullivan should have been arrested too. It’s starting to look like they may have been right.

One thought on “More on the Kerns trial immunity situation

  1. Concerned Marshfield Mom says:

    Something is not right here. There are a string of witnesses that the prosecution should be
    calling to testify against Joe Nee, the have yet to be subpoenaed. WHY????? Let’s not forget
    that District Attorney Tim Cruz had already signed and immunity deal for Joe Nee, it was already
    on the judges desk for signature when the evidence against Joe Nee mounted to the point where
    they had no choice but to arrest him. Are they going through the motions with Joe Nee with no
    intent of prosecution? Is Toby the fall guy because he was an easy target???
    What is going on here, call all witnesses and try this case against Joe Nee.


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