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The assclowns who are trying to make blood money by auctioning off Columbine killer Dylan Klebold’s car are stating that they are going to donate some money to the Columbine Memorial fund…

The Columbine Memorial charity is definitely 100% the one we’ll donate to. I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of 10% of the winning price, but I still have to talk it over with my buddy. I can promise at least $1000 to your charity once this thing sells.

Right now the bidding is up to $23,000 for a 24-year-old car. Let’s assume that the bid is legit. That’s probably at least $18K in profit. I think if they make that kind of money they can afford to donate more than 10%.

47 thoughts on “SOME of the money from Klebold car auction to go to charity

  1. Jim says:

    What is this ? Someone has Klebold’s car ? Who is this guy, a friend or family member ?

    I think its a bit stupid and callous to to use that medium to sell a car. Especially knowing that the previous owner’s name could bring up the price, even if he was an evil mother fucker. But on the other hand, considering how people make money on eBay (selling toast, ghosts in jars, Jesus on a stick, etc…) I cant really say that its an awful idea.

    If this jerk walks away with 20 grand… he will receive pats on the back for donating 23 hundred to the memorial fund and come out with a nice profit.

    I keep swinging on the fence with this one. I’m not sure how to settle on this one.


  2. Magnolia says:

    I still think they should sell tickets…one buck for one blow from a sledge hammer…to everyone, make a nominal profit,retain their reputation as a decent human at the moment…and donate the rest to charity,or memorial park,etc.
    Do the right thing,for the right reason. That’s how hero’s are made.


  3. Jim says:

    ooooh, Magnolia, That is a good fucking idea.
    The best of both worlds is a greeat idea.


  4. morpheus says:

    At least a muesuem is the top bidder, and not some mutant.


  5. Trench says:

    I’ve seen it flip flop back and forth between mutant and museum.


  6. Jim says:

    yeah, but what are the bragging rights to a 24 year old car ?

    I’m sure its not a Bentley, what did the dip shit have ? an Olds Cutlass ?

    Who is gonna say “hey look at the old piece of shit car I bought… it used to belong to some numb nuts ass wipe who shot up his school then killed himself”

    is there really a high demand for crap like that ? To me its like owning a can opener once used by Charlie Manson… not exactly notable.

    Seems the only person making out here is the seller.


  7. Jim says:

    Oh… nice.

    Why was he depressed ?


  8. Trench says:

    I guess because it wasn’t a ’98.


  9. Jim says:

    Yeah, I guess if my parents bought me a 82 BMW instead of a 98… I’d need to kill a few people and myself.

    Shit, if they bought me a Ferrari and it was red instead of my requested green…A school shooting would be the least of the neighborhoods worries 🙄


  10. Trench says:

    Since you’re back maybe I’ll unban Edgar for the pure entertainment value of it. 😆


  11. Jim says:

    Refresh my memory


  12. Trench says:

    The #2 mutant. Only second to WMD.


  13. Jim says:

    I am tired, cranky, worn out , in pain and if pushed by the right people… completely pissed off.

    Bring him on 😈


  14. Ed says:

    Trench, I believe I already sent you an email requesting that you stop blogging on Klebold’s car. All it does is promote offensive behavior


  15. Trench says:

    Yeah, I got it. Request denied.


  16. Jim says:



  17. shos says:



  18. Kapt'n says:

    Hey they could do whatever they want with the car, they bought it and want to sell it. People should have expected this to happen, they should have just junked it instead of giving the car away to charity in the first place.


  19. trooper says:

    i would kill for that car!!but you have to admit it having a nice looking car with the title of once being owned by one of the greatest serial killers of our time is quite a fucken thing! so what happened to harrises bomb car has that been restored?p.s dont call manson ‘charlie’ call him charles charlie sounds like a 4 year old pom.


  20. Jim says:

    Greatest serial killers of our time ?? They fucked the whole thing up. the dumb ass morons didnt get a third of their planned body count, all their bombs didnt go off and their body count isnt close to being number one.

    They were failures in life and are failures in death.


  21. Kapt'n says:

    Umm…they weren’t serial killers….they were mass murderers. And yeah their plan did fail horribly, but I bet nearly everyone in America knows who they are….thats what makes them so “great”


  22. Jim says:

    There are much more people in the world who are aware of the following list.
    Fabio (probably misspelled)
    Ricky Martin
    Britny Spears
    Steve Guttenburg
    Al Sharpton
    Osama Bin Laden
    …the list goes on and on

    Are you saying that these people are great in your mind ?

    You are a closet Ricky Martin fan arnt you ? 😆


  23. Kapt'n says:

    Actully only 2 of those ring a bell to me, britney spears and osama….and britney isnt THAT bad, sure her music sucks, but what makes her on that list with osama? To me they are two very different people.And whos Ricky Martin? Actully come to think of it, I was watchin family guy and they mentioned him, I think they portrayed him as bein an actor, correct?


  24. Jim says:

    Your ignorance is, yet again, highly portrayed in your writing.

    but what makes her on that list with osama? To me they are two very different people

    The thing that puts them on the same list is that they are both known world wide by billions. Love them or hate them… you know who they are… and by in your own words “but I bet nearly everyone in America knows who they are….that’s what makes them so “great””

    If being known across the states makes greatness, than world wide knowledge of your existence should equal god hood.

    BTW… Ricky Martin is a Latin pop star who is seemingly quite homosexual. He had a rash of hits in the late 90s and early 2000s including but not limited to “She Bangs” and “Livin La Vida Loca”

    Fabio is a male model who gained fame for his likeness being used for the covers of woman’s romantic novels

    Steve Gutenberg is one of the most awful actors in existence. best known for his reoccurring role in the police academy movies

    and Al Sharpton is an extremely racist, pseudo pastor who plays a major role when it comes to rights for blacks. He is notorious for siding with criminals and scumbags under the guise of equal rights.

    there is NOTHING great about any of these men and there is NOTHING great about Harris and Klebold.


  25. Kapt'n says:

    Well I was just trying to speak for the person who wrote about their “greatness”, to him, thats what makes them so “great”, at least I assume so. And if the dude actully studies them, than I’m sure their “greatness” comes from the way they were not blind to society and saw the corrupt in it. These two kids got “fame” for shooting up a school, you see any other school shooters who got as much publicity as them? Didn’t think so.


  26. Kapt'n says:

    And I used quotations for the word great above, meaning that I myself wasn’t trying to say their great, again I was just trying to get you to understand what the dude above may have meant by “greatest serial killers of our time”


  27. Jim says:

    No… He said “greatest serial killers of our time” in an attempt to be a troll. You on the other hand are trying to associate two dumb assholes with greatness by some means of intelligence (feeble as such but nonetheless)
    As far as publicity goes… it doesn’t really matter when you are dead. They are NOT famous, they are infamous. They are NOT celebrities, they are shit.

    …and you are a moron for trying to make something good out of their crime.


  28. Kapt'n says:

    Oh I’m a moron? I have not made any statements on here at all saying I agreed with what they did on 4-20, as for these other kids, they are. How am I trying to make something good out of their crime? I said I was just trying to get you to understand what the kid above may have meant. Oh well, you say what you want, because this is just feeding my rage….and personally I love it!


  29. Jim says:

    You are a moron… A slightly retarded, window licking, snot eating, helmet wearing moron who’s mittens have come slightly askew… which explains how you keep wondering around here to remind us that you were dropped on your head at some point.

    Feeding your rage ? OK everyone… hide all the pencils and put padding on the sharp corners. Kapt’n is getting upset. 🙄


  30. Kapt'n says:

    Lol, its funny how you attack the ones who don’t go all out and say they worship eric and dylan, but leave the ones who do, alone. You know I didn’t say that eric and dylan were good people, and I made you aware of that, and you are attacking me for the wrong reason. At least Trench didnt reply to my comments by calling me childish names. Now I remember why I do admire eric david harris and dylan bennet klebold, people like you, and there you go, now you have the right to attack me.


  31. Jim says:

    I had the right all along… it was always there, even if you didn’t say it at first. It was just a matter of time before you stopped circling your true feelings and actually said them. I know a dumb jerk-off Harris/Klebold fan when I meet them.

    Your moron standing has not faltered… way to impress me 🙄


  32. Jim says:

    Oh… and Trench leaves people like you to me… thats why he dosnt respond.

    and THAT message was brought to you by TOAST
    (The Organization Against Stupid Trolls)

    “We take care of the trolls so that Trench can deliver the news”


  33. Kapt'n says:

    He responded to several of my comments in mutant space, SEVERAL.You know attacking kids like us doesn’t help, it only makes us worse, I don’t see how this site at all helps kids who are “troubled” , though trench says it does….I mean why do you think I keep coming back? Believe me, its not to “attack” you guys.


  34. Jim says:

    You know… that is a good question.

    …and I ask this with no intention of picking on you.

    Why do you come here ? and why do you come back ?

    Knowing full well what we think of people who (as you said) admire eric david harris and dylan bennet klebold Why would you come here speaking for other trolls ? Clarifying their words as if I didn’t understand exactly how idiotic they really are ? and then being upset when you get lumped in till your true nature is unfolded ?

    Why do you come back ?

    This site is not meant for kids to get better, I’d say if 1 out of 100 of these trolls come here and learn something… we got a high number. This site is for adults… teachers, parents, etc. This site is so they can see what is going on around the globe and learn signs to look for in their kids and the kids around their kids.

    least… that is how I have always viewed it. I’ve no idea how Trench has looked upon this matter. Of all we have discussed over the years, this one thing never came up.

    SO !

    Why do you come here ? and why do you come back ?

    be honest… this will have a major effect on my response.


  35. Trench says:

    Oh… and Trench leaves people like you to me… thats why he dosnt respond.

    Plus I’m super busy and Jim seems to be handling this. Have a nice day. :mrgreen:


  36. Kapt'n says:

    Alright, I first came here because I saw that this girl on myspace was getting attacked because she said she admired eric and dylan. I came here to try and prevent you guys from making this girl getting worse, because thats what will happen if you attack her. Than of course I came back to see what the follow up responses would be from my comment. Than trench said that this site has helped troubled kids when I asked what the purpose for this was, so I come here to see if that comment from trench was true. So far there is no luck, because like I’ve already said, I admire dylan and eric. But from what you just said, that this site isn’t intended for helping troubled kids, than I don’t belong here, so thanks for clearing that up for me.


  37. Trench says:

    We can only help those that want help.


  38. Jim says:

    (adding to trench’s comment)

    …and it is painfully clear and less than a half of a precent are even looking for help.

    Why aim for help, when attention is much much better ?


  39. Kapt'n says:

    Alright, well some kids are okay with the fact that they admire eric and dylan, but some don’t like the fact that they do, but turn to people who are “evil” or bad or whatever because thats how they feel inside. It’s kinda hard to see good in things when you feel so empty and bad inside, but hey maybe I’m wrong, maybe all of the kids who admire them are dipshits and only do it to get a rise out of people or something, who knows, but I’m sure there are some kids out there who don’t like the fact that they admire them, and you can’t just tell them to not feel that way, because thats not how it works, it doesnt only take some people to attack you for your interests and your all better again, for some people it takes years to feel the way they do and admire the people they do. This might not even make sense, and if it doesn’t just ignore it, because all I’m doing is just rambling on, so I’ll just end this with “have a good day” 😉


  40. richard castaldo says:

    hey i just found all this shit. i was actually interviewed for the rocky mountain news story about the car. because well, you could google my name and figure it out… anyway, i think its kinda disgusting to make money off of this car. and i have no idea why you’d want it.

    but anyway, as far as the, does the site help fucked up kids or not. thats why i wondered onto this site, cause i saw some shit on the news about people having websites paying tribute to the assholes that did this shit, and it bothered me for obvious reasons. so i hope people would be disuaded to do fucked up shit by this site and others like it. And its completely fucking ridiculous to admire what they did in any way. In contrast to popular opinion a lot of people that were shot didn’t do a god-damn thing to these fucks (me included). I have no idea why you’d admire dipshits wwhod kill people over absolutlely nothing. snd what thy did was definatley in no way noble and in no way brave, as they claimed. it doesnt take shit to kill someone who isn’t expecting ir and with no armor. so i dont know what the hell that proves other than what pussies they really were. REal men would never think of doing something like that. And they brought being nade fun of on themselves, i saw them a couple times and they acteed like they were above it all. oh, and its also moronic to blame games and music and whatnot. cause i play and lisen to the exact same stuff, and am not negatively effected in any way.

    sorry that was long…


  41. richard castaldo says:

    actually, nobody that was shot did a damn thing to those idiots. or at least i think thats the case. or i can definatley speak for myself, i promise you i did absolutely nothing to these shit-for brains’ types.


  42. Jim says:

    I like him :mrgreen: Can we keep him ? Please ? 😉


  43. Trenchcoat Mafioso says:

    Harris &amp Klebold 4 president 😈


  44. Trench says:

    Did you hurt yourself trying to think that up?


  45. Jim says:

    trench, your site is a magnet for retards 🙄


  46. daniel says:

    yea can you believe it the guy that owns the car now has a video of it posted on youtube. go and check it out if anybody ever comes to this site again since the last person that commented like 2 years ago. LOL


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