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watchlistWhile doing some research on MySpace I came across the MySpace of a 16-year-old girl who claims to be from “Fuck, New Jersey”. So right off the bat I know I’m dealing with someone who has a ton of class. What also caught my eye is that her MySpace opened up with “Bang, Bang, Your Fucked. “RIP REB and VODKA 4.20.99”. So now it’s obvious she’s just another mutant. And then there was some more ranting on her MySpace…

For those who read how I like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold I don’t care if you hate them because I like what I like deal with it. I do not also have to tell you why I am interested.

Again I ask do the parents not know or do they just not care?

83 thoughts on “MutantSpace

  1. Gravecat says:

    Probably just another pretentious wannabe who tries too hard to be different, much like most other 16-year-old girls on MySpace. What better way to say “look at me, I’m soooo unique and different” than to ambiguously support Harris and Klebold?

    Kids these days. Look at me, I’m starting to sound like an old man already.


  2. Will Shadow says:

    Can someone define “mutant” for me? I’ve been wondering for the longest time…


  3. Trench says:

    It’s a word I use for the dregs that worship school shooters.


  4. Jim says:

    Since we are explaining things, could you explain the reb and vodka thing ? For the longest time I thought it was just a nickname of one of your bigger mutant tolls… Im thinking I was wrong now 😆


  5. Trench says:

    They were Harris and Klebold’s nicknames.


  6. Ed says:

    Yeah and what the fuck is wrong with liking school shooters? There seems to be a revolving stereotype that we all fall under the same category as goths. I like them because they sent a strong message and if they didn’t commit the shooting, half of my years in grade school would have been hell. By degrading them, you are implying that I was supposed to have endured alot of bullying.


  7. Trench says:

    Do you like other murderers too?


  8. shos says:

    well he doesn’t value life, that’s for sure! I wonder if his mother knows what kind of child she raised? Does she know he is this messed up in the head?


  9. Ed says:

    Hey, just because I don’t value human life doesn’t mean I’m fucked up. There are sociopaths everywhere. And most of them aren’t even criminal. How do you think most people make it to the top, huh?


  10. shos says:

    so you are a sociopath… that’s strikes me as funny that you follow up the comment, “hey, just because I don’t value human life doesn’t mean I ‘m fucked up”, with “there are sociopaths everywhere”, and you claim you’re not a degenerate troll… sorry, but I think you put the last nail in your own coffin with that!!!


  11. Ed says:

    you can make up imaginary synonymous connections all you want shos.


  12. me says:

    Thanks for putting me on here.
    Obviously people love to critize other people so lets see if you understand something. You obviously dont understand the real storie behind columbine. Have you done any research? Did you ever bother to read the qoutes I put above the pictures? I have had so many instances in my life and decided going into pathology was a interesting occupation for me. I have had many bad situations happen to me such as: my brother dying, my best friend dying in a car crash which i would have been in, being raped 4 times, and attempting suicide. Also by the way the reason why i put fuck newjersey is because i dont want anyone knowing where i live and if you were my friend theres a joke behind it. So research.


  13. me says:

    judging is what got people killed


  14. Trench says:

    Then please enlighten me and tell me the real “storie” behind Columbine.


  15. Angie says:

    There is a difference between worshipping school shooters and understanding/trying to prevent future school tragedies. Why not use your time more productively to fix the problem that causes school shootings rather than wasting space bullying the people who are trying? Oh wait…I forgot who I was talking to.


  16. Trench says:

    And what are you doing Angie to fix the problem besides memorializing mass murderers?


  17. me says:

    truth about columbine is erics depression due to bullying. The medication luvox was perscribed to him but just made him worse which many medications do such as zoloft. And im trying to show that hatred isnt born it is taught by people who bully others like you for their opinions


  18. Trench says:

    What about Klebold? No anti-depressants were found in his system? What about the fact that both Harris and Klebold were also bullies themselves? Their bullying victims didn’t shoot up a school.


  19. Someguy says:

    Well, since everyones discussing their thoughts, I might throw my two cents in..
    I never belived Harris and Klebold were victims to bullying, I never belived that and I never will, most school shooters get set off and just eventualy snap and attack their schools, mostly from bullying. Jeffrey Weise, in Red Lake last year comes to mind, but the motive for that event was never really classified, so it was left as just bullying, the avarage outcasted teenager eventualy snapping. But other motives, such as Kipland Kinkel, and Luke Woodham who claimed to hear “voices”. Woodham eventualy got off on an insanity plea, and Kinkel is spending his 111 year sentence is an Oregon correctional facilaty.
    Columbine was much different, for reasons as most know, it was planned for an entire year, it wasnt just “snap go crazy, shoot everyone senselessly”. Harris and Klebold in my mind were really sick, if anything, they wanted to kill people just because they knew they could, for no real reason. Terrible to think about yes.
    I first began reading into columbine around the end of May going into June, after watching the film “elephant”, which was an interesting movie. At first I never really knew what happened at columbine, I never knew about the bombs, or the victims, or the shockwaves or anything. I didnt even remember what had happened when it first happened, I was perhaps 9 years old or so. But after a while of reading and studying, getting to know Harris and Klebolds background, who they were, what were they like. I read about the victims, who they were, what were they like. I discovered one thing. Everything was clarified, who, what, when, where, how, but it never awnsered why.
    I found the home videos Harris and Klebold made around July, on the internet floating somewhere, and I saw somthing I didnt quite notice before reading about them. When I watched the videos, I really saw two kids ordering food from a restraunt, I saw two kids joking around in front of a camera, two kids playing around with other kids pretending to battle evil clothes, and then I thought to myself, “wow, these kids are alot like me in many ways.” I felt connected to them. Now, im not the most popular kid in school, I dont have many friends who are into the same stuff i am or listen to the same stuff i do (not killing and murdering people of course, but like.. listening to industrial and being weird goofing off), so somehow I felt connected to Harris and Klebold in a way. Im not saying I worship them, I’m not saying “oh columbine in the best thing ever.. duh huh, eric and dylan are hott and they kll peepul huhuhuh”, I’m saying that maybe, from my perspective, we cant cast things off and them call it a “monster”, without going in and getting to know and understand “why?”. We know, who, what, when, where, how, but we never get to understand “why”, unless we get to understand who they were.
    I feel connected to Eric and Dylan, but it doesnt mean I dont have respect for the victims, I actualy find the victims lives just as interestingas Eric and Dylans, and had their own ways of going about life, amoung other things, Rachel Scott comes to mind and her belives and philosiphies.
    But all thethis reading gets me realizing, that no matter what or who is labeled as what, we all have secrets, Harris and Klebolds have theirs, and we all have our own, we are all human beings, and can be awknowlaged as human beings. This is really the hardest thing to explain, but I hope people understand where I’m getting at, and not get flamed.:lol:


  20. me says:

    um actually if you did some research dylan was afraid to leave eric alone. eric was the only friend he considered good.
    It is in studies that children who are bullied often turn into bullying themselves. No records show that they were bullies. They may have been alittle protective over eachother but not bullies.


  21. me says:

    By the way have any other problems with my myspace or do I yet again need to explain my word usage.


  22. Trench says:

    That’s funny. The FBI report says that Dylan Klebold bullied a disabled kid by the name of Adam Kyler. And the threats Harris made against Brooks Brown weren’t bullying?

    And I have yet to see real evidence that Harris and Klebold were bullied.

    And what do your parents think about your fascination with Harris and Klebold?


  23. Kapt'n says:

    Theres witnesses of the bullying eric and dylan had encountered, one time a witness said the “jocks” filled up a cup with pee and threw it at em, I mean come on. Theres other witnesses that said they were always shoved into lockers, called fags, and got glass bottles thrown at them.You should read the 11,000 page police report before judging others who understand Columbine.


  24. Trench says:

    Where do you think I got the name of Adam Kyler? Did any of those witnesses come up with a name of the alleged bullies? All I ever hear is the mysterious “jocks”. And even so why not go to the gym or the locker rooms or some other place the jocks were instead of the library after the bombs failed to detonate?


  25. Kapt'n says:

    They didn’t do the shooting because of the bullying, well I can’t say for fact they didn’t do it for that, but they did say in their videos that it just added to their rage. They wanted to kill everybody in the school that day, they didn’t care who. And in the police reports they blocked out alot of names, so no, you wouldn’t be able to see the names of the students who had bullied Eric and Dylan.


  26. Trench says:

    They didn’t do the shooting because of the bullying

    Thanks for helping me get my point across.


  27. me says:

    um actually that was a major part. Did you read anything i said if eric or dylan did bully anyone it is known that when people are bullied they often bully themselves to feel better. I have to have more evidence than one officers report. Also is it a real document or one just made up for publicity.


  28. bitch says:

    Okay. First off, this is my best fucking friend that you are posting about. Second, no her parents dont care, she can do wtf she wants. Third, it’s none of your business. Fourth, your mom. Fifth,why dont you get a fucking life and stop looking at 16 yr. olds’ myspaces? If you dont like what she is interested in/ has to say, then dont view her profile…it’s that simple!


  29. Trench says:

    Page 247 of the 11K report is where you will find Adam Kyler’s name. So the bullied became bullies themseves yet no one cares about their victims. And they didn’t go on to kill 13 people. Has bullying stopped since Columbine? Hardly, as a matter of fact it’s gotten worse. So what have your heroes accomplished. Nothing at all besidides the fact that schools have put even less ficus on bullying and put it on identifying would be school shooters.

    And to Bitch, if your friend didn’t want hert MySpace looked at they she shouldn’t be posting it. I’m not surprised herf parents don’t care. Neither did the parents of Harris and Klebold, if they did the deaths of the true 13 victims would have never happened.


  30. me says:

    They didnt do it for anyone they did for themselves. I never said they were my heros cause they killed people way to take words out of context. The fac t you even care what i say on my profile actually is very interesting. If you didn’t like what i said then you shouldn’t look at my profile. If i said im going to shoot up my school id understand why you would put me on here. You seriously need to get a new hobby other than picking on people you don’t think have a voice.
    When did i post my website before this. You just like looking around at younger peoples profiles. By the way my parents do know and they understand my interests. They are not narrow minded like you obviously.
    Also the only people who know exactly about columbine are dead and im not listening to any reporters.


  31. Trench says:

    Then why are they your heroes?


  32. me says:

    because i wanted to put the pictures somewhere.


  33. me says:

    by the way not to be a major dick but you should really watch what you say about some kids. Your site seems kinda rude and one day i wouldnt be surprised a kid is going to get all upset about what you say and shoot up his school. Trust me this has happend many times before. Bullying is also on the internet


  34. Trench says:

    Who am I bullying?


  35. me says:

    your making kids feel like shit. being like they are pathetic really helps the situation out huh. what do you think got people shot in the first place.


  36. Trench says:

    Two psychopaths.


  37. me says:

    no one is born a psychopath they are made that way. if you want to call me psycho whatever i dont care at least in 10 years im not staring at young girls profiles.


  38. Trench says:

    Don’t flatter yourself.

    Harris and Klebold might not have been born psychopaths but they were when they died.


  39. me says:

    yea became psychos by assholes like you who need to learn keep their comments to themselves.


  40. Trench says:

    Yeah, assholes like me that were actually bullied but never killed anyone. 🙄


  41. me says:

    oh really i bet you were one of the preps who never really fitted in. You have to understand not everyone thinks like you.People have different reactions to things. stop bad mouthing me like i did something wrong like be inerested in columbine. if you have a problem talk to the other 200 people who also find interest in it


  42. Kapt'n says:

    Bullying just added to their rage, it wasn’t a huge part of it, they were already pissed off at society and felt like they were left out of it. They were just pissed off at people and how they live their routine lives. And. no, that doesn’t give them the right to go and murder 13 innocent people, and they in no way should be heros to anybody for that reason, but for us to take such an interest in Columbine is not our fault, not our parents fault, but the medias fault, they publicized Columbine all over for years. So you shoudn’t be surprised over websites about Columbine, or teens profiles with their pictures on them, teens who don’t have people close to them or whatever like to turn to others for support, thats where the idols and heros come in, so they see eric and dylan publicized everywhere and keep hearing and learning more and more about them, and realize they felt the same way they did about some things. And often these kids are too young to realize what they did was wrong, so its not their fault. And all your (trench) doing is contributing to these kids fascination with Eric and Dylan by publicizing it, your not any better than the sites who support eric and dylan, you may think you are because this is a site to alert people about these websites, but all your doing is making it worse.


  43. Trench says:

    oh really i bet you were one of the preps who never really fitted in.

    Now who is being judgmental? 😆

    There’s a difference between having an interest in Columbine and being a fan which is basically what you are with all this “RIP Reb and voDKa” stuff.

    Bullying just added to their rage, it wasn’t a huge part of it, they were already pissed off at society and felt like they were left out of it.

    Oh yeah, they were so left out of society. They were two spoiled suburban white kids who had everything handed to them. They should have considered themselves lucky for all they had compared to most people instead of being two selfish psychopathic bastards.

    You’re the ones who are basically excusing what they did by offering excuses for them. So in reality you’re the ones making it worse.


  44. Kapt'n says:

    I never said they were left out of society, I said they FELT that they were, yeah they did have a better life than most people, I’m not making excuses for them, I’m just stating some facts. So, no, in reality YOUR making it worse, you host a website all about Columbine and other crimes, so you are no better than people who have them as their heros or people who host pro-columbine sites.


  45. Trench says:

    That made no sense whatsoever. 😆


  46. Kapt'n says:

    Ok, how so?


  47. Trench says:

    My website shows the consequences of what happens when you try to be a school shooter. When kids who are thinking about attacking their school look at pro-Harris and Klebold sites it makes them feel justified.


  48. me says:

    actually when they look at yours they feel like some people deserve it cause your a major dick who likes to make fun of people


  49. Trench says:

    😆 Come back again when you’ve grown up. 😆


  50. Kapt'n says:

    Your website shows what Eric and Dylan wanted, to be famous for their actions.


  51. Trench says:

    in·fa·my n.
    pl. in·fa·mies

    1.Evil fame or reputation.
    2.The condition of being infamous.
    3.An evil or criminal act that is publicly known.

    [Middle English infamie, dishonor, from Old French, from Latin nfmia, from nfmis, infamous. See infamous.]


  52. Kapt'n says:

    Ok well whats your point? Kids will come across this website and see that its highly based on Columbine and Eric and Dylan. They don’t care if its “evil fame” but that their famous for it at all.

    “the sad fact that America puts killers on the cover of Time magazine, giving them as much notoriety as our favorite movie stars. From Jesse James to Charles Manson, the media, since their inception, have turned criminals into folk heroes. They just created two new ones when they plastered those dipshits Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris’ pictures on the front of every newspaper. Don’t be surprised if every kid who gets pushed around has two new idols.”


  53. Trench says:

    Ok well whats your point? Kids will come across this website and see that its highly based on Columbine and Eric and Dylan.

    They’d have to be real idiots not to notice my low opinion of them.

    They just created two new ones when they plastered those dipshits Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris’ pictures on the front of every newspaper.

    At least we agree they’re dipshits.


  54. Kapt'n says:

    Yeah, but they won’t care what people think of them, they just care that their known for what they did. And that was a statement from Marilyn Manson in a Rolling Stones magazine, alot of people may not agree with his image but he knows what hes talking about unlike more than half of the population. I like the fact that your not blind to reality and actully notice the fact that theres kids out there who have eric and dylan as their heros, but what I don’t see is the point you are trying to make from this website. Most parents don’t even use the computer, and alot of the people who come to this website seem to be kids. By posting this girls myspace link is just making things worse for her, its not helping her whatsoever, so tell me the point your trying to make by posting all this.


  55. Trench says:

    I never posted a link to her MySpace. To me that would be counter-productive.

    And don’t sell parents short. I get e-mails all the time from parents who thank me for what I’m doing.


  56. Kapt'n says:

    Yeah, your right you didn’t, but you did post her display name which anyone could easily find.

    And okay, parents send you e-mails, but I’m assuming these aren’t the parents that have these kids who idolize Eric and Dylan, theres hundreds of kids out there who have a shitty life and turn to Eric and Dylan, and I’m sure none of the parents know that their kids are like that.


  57. Trench says:

    No, I didn’t post her display name either.

    You’re right, the parents aren’t the ones of kids who idolize Harris and Klebold because unfortunately thise parents just don’t care. However I have received more than one e-mail from kids who used to idolize them that don’t anymore after reading my site. And these aren’t kids with great lives either.


  58. Kapt'n says:

    Bang Bang Your Fucked is her display name, thats how I knew you were talking about her.

    I don’t see on how reading your site changes any thoughts, it hasn’t changed anyones thoughts that I’ve talked to.


  59. Kapt'n says:

    Alright, well congrats for changing one kids thoughts, but I highly doubt it will change alot of em.


  60. Trench says:

    I didn’t change his mind. He changed it on his own.


  61. Kapt'n says:

    Yeah, but your site contributed to it.


  62. Trench says:

    One is better than none.


  63. Kapt'n says:

    True, but out of the 100’s of kids who still do idolize them, its hardly nothing. It’s just like when myspace deleted 200,000 objectionable profiles out of the 60 million registered, its hardly anything.


  64. Trench says:

    But there are millions of kids who don’t idolize them. It would be easier for me to convert one of yours than the other away around.


  65. Kapt'n says:

    Yeah I guess so, and I know its not your job to do so in the first place, but if your going to spend time searching the internet for what you call “mutants”, than you might as well try and do something than just inform a bunch of people who don’t give a shit about these kids.


  66. Trench says:

    Actually I don’t go looking for these sites. I either find them accidentally, like in this case, or they find me.


  67. Kapt'n says:

    Accidently, alright how is this accidental? You have come across several columbine sites and had a few people take em down. And you signed up for myspace a couple days before you posted about this girl, but you only signed up so you can look at these “mutants” myspaces, right?


  68. Trench says:

    True, I have had a few sites shut down. But I’ve since changed my stance on that. I consider it counter-productive now.

    Actually the reason I signed up for MySpace was to research criminals for this site.


  69. Kapt'n says:

    Alright, but can you tell me how a 36 year old came across a 16 year olds myspace?


  70. Trench says:

    On Google. I forget what I was looking for but it had something to do with MySpace and I found her’s by accident.

    And I’m 37. :mrgreen:


  71. Kapt'n says:

    Alright than.

    And you better update your bio….it says 36.


  72. HHS says:

    I have to come to realize that you are talking about a person who wouldnt do something stupid like shoot up her school! She does it for main research and everyone at her school knows that even the teachers and they help her. So if u have problem u have to get the hell over it!:mad:


  73. Trench says:

    I never said she would shoot up a school. I just think her sympathy for two mass murderers is misguided.


  74. sarah says:

    But I don’t think it was good for them to kill people you need to understand that. I said at the time they were feeling rage they didn’t think about the consequences.


  75. Trench says:

    It’s not that they didn’t think about the consequences. They didn’t care.


  76. sarah says:

    they didnt care because thats how mad they went. im sorry for flipping out on you but seriously i felt like i was being attacked for the wrong reason


  77. tetsuro says:

    # Trench Says:
    March 14th, 2006 at 4:50 pm

    Do you like other murderers too?

    i happen to have a fondness for jeffery dommer. and also i worship the guy that shot two pac(rappers suck)

    its ok to like and reveer someone be it the pope or god to even say chucko manson or the osborns and there demented little cultist life. (i love that ozzy so funny he is)

    its not ok to say “OMFG OMFG I LIKE THEM SO MUCH I AM GOING TO COPY THEM! LOLZORS” thats asking to be given a darwin award, a award given to people who willing remove themself from the genetic code of humanity


  78. Chase says:

    I suppose I’m coming into this a little late in the game. Still, having read both the original post, and the deluge of responses (and bickering) that ensued, I felt compelled to say a few things. (Hopefully, the ongoing argument here has been dormant long enough to ensure that I will not regret this.)
    I came across this website as part of a research assignment I’m involved in during a summer intensive Sociology course. The thesis of the paper speaks to media treatment of the “goth/industrial” subculture – particularly in relation to crime – and Columbine seemed like an excellent place to start. (What with the repeated media insistance that Harris and Klebold were goths, liked Marilyn Manson, or were participants in other stereotypically “gothy” behavior.) What I found in this discussion was interesting, though a little off-topic, in that it goes a long way to reveal how much the unfortunate events at Columbine have influenced our culture on the whole.
    First, I’m very puzzled as to why someone who has posted information about themselves on the internet is suprised when people read it and form an opinion about it. I know we live in an era in which freedom of speech and emotiona touchy-feeliness have fostered the attitude in many that they should simultaneous be able to say whatever they please (whether it’s their favorite ice cream flavor, or that they admire mass murderers), not have to deal with any of the negative responses they might engender (like criticism, constructive or otherwise). But really, do you have any right to be indignant when someone is simply quoting information you’ve already broadcast for the whole world to see, if they’re so inclined?
    Second, I applaud Trench for their efforts. (I’m afraid I’m not certain of your gender.) Contrary to what “Kapt’n” said, the people who read this page aren’t “a bunch of people who don’t give a shit about these kids”. Clearly, they “give a shit” – they’re here, reading. And I, for one can say that I very much give a shit about what happened at Columbine, and about the young people who admire and emulate such behavior. I’m not too much older than Harris and Klebold were that fateful day in 1999, and it troubles me deeply to think of my peers and juniors capable acts of extreme violence. Unforunately, it’s a reality that cannot be ignored – extensive media coverage and the genuinely dire nature of the matter see to that. As an individual with both a personal and professional interest in the social and psychological sciences, and in the “troubled” youth of America – alas, I was one not too long ago – I’m encouraged to see that there are other individuals who are following the fallout of this event, long after this “story” has been replaced with newer, more sensational ones on the newsdesks of the major networks. (Your collection of information on the massacre itself, and the legal wranglings that have followed have been quite useful in my research.)
    I’m puzzled that individuals like Kapt’n and the individual who identifies themselves as “me” criticize Trench and his(?) website for “contributing to these kids fascination with Eric and Dylan by publicizing it”, claiming that Trench is “no better than people who have them as their heros or people who host pro-columbine sites”. I’m afraid I can’t quite follow that logic. If archiving facts about the massacre and the events that followed is glorification, and you’re so morally outraged about it, why bother harrassing small-peanuts rabble rousers like Trench when you should be worried about the effect that fan-sites for these two have on the youth of America?
    Moreover, if Trench’s content works towards “changing one kids thoughts,” why isn’t that good enough? Pro-Columbine sites certainly aren’t working towards enlightening teens or adults that violence is not a path to importance or anything else of value isn’t Trench’s one better than those websites’ zero? (As Trench said, “one is better than none”.) As Harris and Klebold’s actions proved, one or two people can have a huge impact on the world, both directly (their victims) and indirectly (the people who were impacted by the massacre and the resulting legislation and moral/social outcry). One person changed can result in a hell of a lot of people affected. And if Trench’s content affects that one person (and their network of hundreds, thousands, by extention) for the better, hasn’t he(?) done us a service? Even a tiny shift towards the better is preferable to the internet perpetuation of two dead boys’ hate and malice.
    Finally, Kapt’n claim that “its hardly nothing. It’s just like when myspace deleted 200,000 objectionable profiles out of the 60 million registered, its hardly anything,” strikes me as the exact kind of mentality that fosters horrific incidents like Columbine in the first place. Change a few words, and that becomes, “why should one school administrator intervien on the behalf of a student? Others will get picked on, it’s hardly anything in the grand scheme of things.” Not exactly a force for change, is it? Who knows, that one or two or “hardly anything” may be a future Harris or Klebold whose path to violent destruction was diverted. Perhaps, instead of standing around saying that Trench’s small, blog-based difference isn’t enough, you should be looking at yourself and wondering why you aren’t making any difference at all.


  79. Trench says:

    I think that just may be the best comment ever. :mrgreen:


  80. Endersdragon says:

    Not doubting you but how do you know the Austins with the myspace are one and the same?


  81. It was linked to from an article about his MySpace. The article got its info from police.


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