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Reno School Shooting Update:

There was a school shooting at Pine Middle School in Reno, Nevada today. Two students were injured when a seventh or eighth grader opened fire in a hallway with a .38-caliber pistol…

Reno Police Lieutenant Ron Donnelly says a boy was wounded in the upper arm and taken to Washoe Medical Center for treatment. A girl received a superficial wound to the leg from shrapnel and was treated at the scene.

No word on a motive or how the gun was obtained.

More on this as information becomes available.

7 thoughts on “School Shooting in Reno

  1. Ed says:

    what is it with all these school shootings between Columbine and Red Lake, and afterwards, that results in so few deaths, or none? Why can’t these kids fucking shoot straight? The more kills you get, the stronger the message you send across the nation. All these kids are doing is making it easier for everyone else to continue being an intolerant asshole.


  2. shos says:

    ummm, where do I start?! the more kills you get the stronger the message you send… so are you saying that these kids need to take out more of their classmates, to get a message across? And what message would that be? that they are screwed up little f****? I really would like to know if these are your actual morals, or if you do this just to piss people off? And let me tell you, it only takes one kill to mess up everyones lives that are involved!


  3. Trench says:

    I doubt he’ll respond to you shos.


  4. Ed says:

    No, I’ll be glad to reply to you shos. Since you are the only person who isn’t dismissing me as a degenerate troll (which I am not). I’m only saying that if these kids are going to shoot up their school, they should do it properly. Otherwise why bother?


  5. shos says:

    Do you think I agree with you?! And how do you do it “properly”?
    Just wondering. I suppose if you only have a beef with one of your classmates, then killing that one person would be sufficent… don’t ya think. Not that I believe that that is the answer… these kids don’t
    value their lives or the lives of their classmates, which really is sad, that we have this many people in the world who think life is expendable. Where did we as a people go so wrong?


  6. dude, you guys dont know shit about the shooting, yes the facts are correct, but your comments to me are dumb. I WAS THERE at pine when it happened, my 2 best friends were 3 feet away from Alex when he got shot, imagine that.anyone wanting the real story, send me an email at-
    i will tell you the true story


  7. Megan S. says:

    i agree with skye… i was also there at pine middle school when it happen… to the first person who commented u are an ignorant person and is worthless.. u dont really care what happens. killing more students is not the way to get the message around faster, thats just a way of telling people that shootings are a good thing. guess what, they’re not! i knew both of the kids who were injured. although they were not serious like life threatning injuries, it still scary to know that they could have died. you guys dont think of the consequences of the actions we make until u do it.. you dont really worry aabout that stuff until it happens to ur school, and then your always worried if it will happen again. i know i worry about it a lot! i was in that same hall ways like two minutes before it happened! what if i have stayed there. what if he had gone to that hall way sooner.. could i have been shot. think before u make these dumb ass comments!


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