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Shooting planned, police say

Police are now saying that James Newman was planning on shooting and killing his classmates for at least a week in advance…

An eighth-grade student accused of opening fire in his middle school hallway, hitting one student, planned at least a week in advance to shoot and kill his classmates because he was tired of them making fun of him, according to court documents released Thursday.

Police believe James Scott Newman, 14, was further inspired to go through with the Tuesday shooting at Pine Middle School after he researched the 1999 Columbine High School shooting rampage on the Internet, officers said in a court affidavit.

Police said Thursday they found drawings in Newman’s locker of stick figures lying on the ground near guns with the words “die” and “kill” written on them. One note said that “no one will know me now, but tomorrow they will,” Reno Sgt. Randy Saulnier said.

He obviously didn’t do his research well enough or else he would have realized that the Columbine bullying was just a myth.

And now we know how he obtained the gun and who it belonged to…

Tuesday morning, Newman boarded his school bus with the revolver he took from his parents’ bedroom, along with three rounds he took from a bullet collection his father gave to him the day before. He tucked the gun into his notebook.

Who gives their kids bullets? Not to mention what a great job of keeping your gun secure.

Also, Newman did not target anyone specifically…

Once inside Pine Middle School, Newman went into the bathroom and put the gun in his coat pocket. On his way out, he saw Alex Rueda, 14, walk by and “he decided he would start by shooting this person,” the affidavit said.

One of Newman’s friends saw him pull out the gun and yelled at him to put it away, documents said. Newman then told the friend to run.

“(Newman) aimed the firearm at (Rueda’s) back and pulled the trigger twice,” the affidavit said.

Newman twice fired at Rueda, police allege, but his revolver did not fire as the hammer fell on two empty chambers.

He then stood parallel to Rueda while still aiming the gun at his back, and shot at him three more times. Two of the rounds struck other objects but the third struck Rueda in the arm. One of the bullets ricocheted off the floor and grazed the leg of Kenzie McKeon, 14, who had been kneeling by her lower locker.

So just like the Columbine scumbags, he planned to kill randomly. Luckily he was a lousy shot.

Prosecutors are still investigating the case to see whether or not Newman will be charged as an adult.

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