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Man charged in teen neighbor’s killing sues jail:

This is just great, another frivolous lawsuit clogging the courts…

The Randolph man charged with stabbing and dismembering a teenage neighbor will be moved out of the Morris County jail after having filed a suit against the facility following two fights with correction officers there.

Authorities had not yet determined where Jonathan Zarate will be sent but said it will most likely be the Essex County Jail.

For those of you who may have forgotten 18-year-old Zarate, is accused of having ambushed in 16-year-old Jennifer Parks in Zarate’s home and stabbing her, bludgeoning her, and dismembering her body, then trying to dump her body into the Passaic River in New Jersey.

Let me give you a quote from prison officials when he originally attacked a guard

Jonathan Zarate, 18, of Randolph, allegedly punched a 26-year-old corrections officer three times in the face and head as he was being escorted back to his cell after a shower Thursday at 8:30 a.m., Warden Frank Corrente said.

“This was unprovoked. He has issues with authority and has been a management issue since his arrival,” Corrente said of Zarate. “He shows violent behavior.”

It would be a travesty if this lawsuit ever saw the light of day. Then again this is New Jersey we’re talking about. He’ll probably be awarded a settlement.

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