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Bill would limit sale of video games:

Our favorite idiot lawyer from Florida is on the move again. This time he’s in Delaware trying to help State Rep. Helene Keeley, D-Wilmington South, get a law passed that would restrict businesses from selling M-rated games to minors. Never mind the fact that most legitimate stores won’t sell M-Rated games to anyone under 18 and that the majority of kids who get these games are getting through their parents. Jack never lets facts get in his way. Like this little nugget of misinformation from Jack…

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Colorado teens who massacred 13 of their fellow Columbine High School students in 1999, “literally trained on the game ‘Doom,’ ” Thompson said.

Sure they did Jack. Just forget all those tapes they made showing them at a homemade target practice. I myself, and millions of other people have played Doom and never picked up a gun in anger but again let’s not let facts get in the way.

Jack also had this to say about the free speech ramifications…

Thompson, meanwhile, said the First Amendment debate is misplaced.

“This isn’t even speech,” Thompson said, holding up a video-game display box. “This is software that enables a machine to allow a player to play a game.”

Does he really believe the lies that he’s spewing forth?

When will politicians, especially Democrats, stop getting in bed with this assclown? It’s making them look worse than they already are.

16 thoughts on “Mr. Thompson Goes to Delaware

  1. Florida Bill says:

    Despite sharing his last name, I think Mr. Thompson is a dipshit.


  2. Scott says:

    So I guess movies and television aren’t legally protected speech, because you need a projector or television to watch them…


  3. Trench says:

    That was my first thought too.


  4. Jim says:

    Uh… free speach is not real.


  5. Alyric says:

    Thompson is insane. Ignore him, and let him continue his crusade, because he makes the rest of the people that share his views look bad. :mrgreen:


  6. Luke says:

    This guy is still around? I thought he was dis-bared (sp?). I’m all for keeping content away from people who shouldn’t have it, but he’s not even looking at the big issue, which is parenting, or lack there of. Mr. Thompson needs to get a life.


  7. trooper says:

    thompson eh? what a idiot he claims that harris and klebold trained for 4/20! harris and klebolds plan wasnt even to shoot up the school it was to blow it up and run in and kill the survivors. and whether or not you like him he was undeniably a genius i mean how many kids do you know who qoute darwin and shakespear? none(probaly). and yes harris did make a shoot the students game but come on just couse he made his own levels doesnt mean he worshiped doom like a god(but did admire the physics alot)


  8. Jim says:

    He was a loser… A failure… and big dumb pussy


  9. Mike says:

    Actually harris did not make a “shoot the students game”, i’ve played his (best) doom levels and they look like, well, any other doom levels really. He also made some deathmatch ones that look pretty rubbish from thier screenshots, huge square rooms with slime on the ceiling


  10. Jim says:

    crap games by a crap human… who would have guessed πŸ˜†


  11. tetsuro says:

    if i took a crap on a american flag and waved it about that would be free expression not speech but free expression is what freespeech is derived from. you can not have one with out the other and when you do have free speech but not expression, thats a violation of basic human nature.

    and also when you harras people becuase they do not promot the same values you want in your nation*cough us rounding up antiwest website makers cough*

    is a violation of basic human rights .
    the right of consiusness(to think what the fuck you want)
    the right of morality to belive what the fuck you want

    and the right to hate what the fuck you want,

    you can hate america or iraq to the highest hells. you can yell it from your roofs make biollions of websites and videogames about it. its not illegal. THE SECOND YOU ACT ON THOSE FEELINGS IS!

    learn the diff. please bitch, now i have to smoke some cock

    synopsis:”any fucker can say videogames cuase violence, in turn you can say that shows like tiny toons cuase violence” its not making any diffrence, the market economy of mankind feeds offa evil and violence and hate. its the life blood money stems from. we need hate . even if it is evil.. the following is a example

    meatwad: but fry lock you said TV was evil
    frylock: it is meatwad… but we fuckin need it!

    humans can think and feel what ever they want. no matter how hard narrowminded limpdicks like bush and jacky try to stop them they cant and never will. its a futial battle that will end with the gamers rising up and toppling the oppressers. its right out of the communist manifesto


  12. Jim says:

    1: that has to do with what ?

    I didn’t say the dumb ass doesn’t have the right to create such drivel. I actually said quite the opposite about the columbine RPG. try reading, dumb ass, it can get you places. I did however refer to Harris and Klebold as losers. Remember that free-speech free-expression you went on and on and on (as if we cared) about ?

    dig it, bitch πŸ˜†

    2: exactly how did this get to Bush ? While he has some major flaws, I don’t recall him chasing down the writer of any games (or flag shitters for that matter) and sending them off to jail.

    3: You smoke cock ? πŸ˜†

    4: Games wont be outlawed anytime soon, Its a multi-billion dollar industry. You would much soon find Tampons and Condoms outlawed before video games. the developers will fight that one to the death. So untangle your panties… we will enjoy many more years of nasty gaming


  13. Trench says:

    Actaully the makers of Doom were big contributors to Bush’s campaign for governor of Texas.


  14. Jim says:

    πŸ˜† I just remembered wsho that guy is… and yeah he does suck dick πŸ˜†


  15. tetsuro says:

    just becuase gamming is a cashcow dosent stop people from trying to stop vid games altogether, you should know that jimmy. and i wear thongs not panties. get it right you banana hammock eater πŸ˜›


  16. Jim says:

    no shit… but they wont win. Stopping the gaming industry is a big leap in rights infringement and the people making the money wont let that happen. YOU should know that.

    Whats a banana hammock ?


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