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Suspect’s transfer called essential:

Our favorite New Jersey psychopath is in the news again. Jonathan Zarate, accused of murder and dismemberment of his 16-year-old neighbor Jennifer Parks, is in a new prison. He has been transferred out of the Morris County jail and into the Passaic County jail. Like I mentioned before he was transferred because he is suing the Morris County jail over alleged abuses. What cracks me up, as if any actual humor could be found in this case, is his attorney and the things he had to say…

“Jonathan Zarate is a man with very deep emotional problems,” his lawyer, Anthony Fusco Jr., said Monday. “He was not getting the treatment he needed in the Morris County Jail.”

Ya think?

Since his arrest July 31, Zarate has twice been charged with assaulting guards at the Morris County Jail. After the second alleged assault on Dec. 10, Zarate was sent to the Ann Klein Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in West Trenton. He was treated there until Feb. 2, when he was brought back to the jail.

Fusco said his client’s mental condition has worsened since his return to the Morris County Jail — and Zarate has served notice that he intends to sue the state for depriving him of his proper medical treatment. On Friday, state Superior Court Judge Salem V. Ahto allowed Zarate to be transferred to another jail.

Well maybe if he didn’t kill and dismember a 16-year-old girl he wouldn’t be having these problems. It sounds like to me that they’ve been laying the grounds for an insanity defense for some time now.

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