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Without truth there is no justice

Tests on plot suspects ordered:

3 of the four suspects in the Center Grove High plot are being ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluations. It sounds like their respective attorneys are going for the “my client is retarded” defense…

Their lawyers told the magistrate the boys had mental and emotional difficulties. Also, each attorney said Center Grove administrators did not expel his client, allowing the three boys to continue their public education.

They have mental difficulties but yet they were smart enough to do this…

Parts of the freshman boys’ plan were outlined in a prioritized written list, documents said. Assignments included obtaining weapons and a getaway car, and freeing a list of preferred students from those taken hostage at a rally for the boys basketball team March 3.

Nice try there Johnnie Cochran. “If my client’s retarded than he must be pardoned.”

I’m not buying the motive either…

One motive for the plot was bullying by athletes against less physically gifted students, court documents said.

Then how does that relate to this…

Sheriff’s deputies later were told that one boy, designated the ringleader, planned to kill his parents before carrying out the takeover of the school and its 2,250 students for a ransom of $4 million to $6 million.

Still no word on whether they will be tried as adults. Their next court appearance is scheduled for April 4th.

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