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Earlier today I told you about John Krieser the 39-year-old Wisconsin man who traveled to Texas to have sex with a 15-year-old girl. And at that time I promised you more MySpace profile goodness. Well, I lied. Oh, I have the MySpace profiles I’m going to talk about, provided to me as usual by Mr. A, but I’m not going to post the links because I only post the links of criminals not of victims. And even though most of the people I’m going to talk about made bad choices they are all victims of Krieser one way or another.

The first profile provided to me by Mr. A was the one that we both believe is the victim involved in Krieser’s arrest. This is what her “About Me” had to say…

i have been through soo much in my life and now is not a time to back down the ones i love are always the farthest from me so i willl sit here aqnd wait for the day when i can be free.

Did she ever check Krieser’s friends list? If she did she would find the profile of a 19-year-old from Wisconsin who had this to say about Krieser…

My names is Tiffany and there isnt much that I want to say except that John thanks for everything you have done for me in my life. You keep me smiling everytime I think of you! I think of you and then when I see you I want you even more ! Im here for you anytime you need me John for anything and I mean anything !!

Her profile also contains some risque pictures that were taken by the rubber duck man himself.

Then there’s the profile of a 19-year-old girl from North Carolina where Duckman left the comment “kisses all over your body”.

And the most disturbing thing is that Johnny has a 14-year-old girl from Arkansas on his friends list. Unless that’s his niece or something why would any 39-year-old man have a 14-year-old girl on his friends list? For that matter why would a 39-year-old man have a MySpace?

Well, now HisSpace is a concrete cell.

4 thoughts on “Victims of The Duck

  1. jade says:

    makes me nauseous that out of his 36 friends (i don’t count Tom, he’s everyone’s friend), all but one or two were teenage girls.


  2. spanky says:

    my god. stop trying to make things seem worse than what it is… if you dumb asses wanna find out information about john then come talk to me damn it.. i know john almost better than anyone else on the damn net. no, i havent met john in person.. but yes ive talked on the phone and wrote him and shit hes a good friend of mine and i dont believe a damn word you asses are saying ok… im one bitch that you cant get inside my head… so suck on that homos!! oh and as for him being 39 and being on myspace… its not just a teen thing if he wants to be on there he can…


  3. Diana says:

    You can’t really consider the two 19 year old girls victims. Lmao. They were of age and the one obviously let him take the photos. So this entire article is IRRELEVANT!


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