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MySpace Used To Identify Rape, Robbery Suspects:

We have more suspects names in the Colorado rape and theft case

Also arrested were Warren Washington, Chadron Brennan and Tyler Brougham, all 18, and Aaron Cannell, 20, and Andrew Heneks, 19.

Here is Warren’s MySpace. Here is Tyler’s. And here is Chadron’s which is entitled WE R BEIN FRAMED. Notice the recurring theme of suburban gangsta wannabes.

I guess they decided they want to be thugs for real. I would pay to see what happens when they meet real gangstas in prison.

11 thoughts on “Colo. Rape and Theft Follow Up

  1. Ashley says:

    I understand that there has been crimes commited involving myspace, but the same is true for plenty of other websites, and has been true since the internet has been around. Everyone’s always freaking out about how “myspace is bad and myspace is dangerous” but there are recautions you can take on there that protect your safety. I’m not saying MySpace is 100 percent safe, but my point is that MySpace isn’t all that more dangerous than the real world. A 13 year old girl can just as easily be lured by a predator walking in the mall as she can be lured from the internet. MySpace isn’t dangerous. It’s *people* that don’t know what the hell they’re doing is what causes the crimes. Don’t bame MySpace! Blame parents who aren’t watching their kids like they are supposed to!

    xoxo Ashley


  2. Pat says:

    Love this site. I have been telling everyone that MySpace poses real threats to both young people and parents, and this story clearly illustrates it. I posted the following on my blog in response to this story.

    imagine this horror- You and your spouse take a vacation or travel away for a weekend, leaving your supposedly mature 18 year old daughter at home alone to take care of the house. You come back home to find that your daughter was raped during a drunken party, your cars all wrecked, and all of your valuables looted from the home. Your savaged, hungover daughter can only explain to you that it happened because she invited friends that she met on Myspace over to the house for a party.

    Thanks MCS! I will keep checking back here often and will include you in my blog links.


  3. Thanks Pat, I linked you as well.


  4. Ashley says:

    recautions = precautions


  5. I’m not blaming MySpace, Ashley. But there has been an inordinate rise in internet related crimes since MySpace became popular. It’s the purpose of this site to let everyone know what crimes are being committed via MySpace so people can better protect themselves and their children. Unfortunately Ashley not all parents and kids are as smart as me and you.


  6. Bill says:

    I think the danger in associating Myspace with being dangerous is that could make people feel like the problem is gone if Myspace is gone. 15 years ago I met plenty of people in high school and went to plenty of parties and they weren’t all filled with ‘good’ kids. I think Myspace will actually turn out to be a bigger help than anything, as human nature almost forces some of these people to expose their illegal activities on their page. Also, links between victim and offender &amp a lot of their correspondence is out there as evidence for everyone to see.


  7. sweet_p says:

    I’m a parent trying to get “smart,” so I’m reading this and other sites. But I also think that it’s important for EVERYONE to protect kids. I cannot keep my kids in a vacuum, and “it’s the parents job” shouldn’t be used to excuse or support behavior that results in harm or danger to children that could be reasonably protected.

    Of course there is a balance, and of course parents are ultimately responsible, but society has to be a partner. Imagine if there were *no* laws or policy to protect children ever, it’d be impossible for parents to navigate with their children through the world and keep them safe. The internet is that world, and it’s impossible to expect that children can be completely removed from it. It will be introduced at some point in life, period.

    I’m still a newbie in a lot of ways, but one thing I understand is the power of money. As long as sites like myspace make money, that’s what needs to be linked to safety. There needs to be some liability, and in a blink of the eye there’d be some innovations that would allow access but protections.

    Just my thoughts. This cyberworld is not one that any reasonable person can expect parents to impose safety and protection upon without some collaberation.


  8. I’m not blaming it on MySpace. I’m blaming it on the kids who vandalized and robbed the home to the tune of $30K and who raped a girl.

    And I’ve never e-mailed MySpace in my life.


  9. Anonymous says:

    im not blaming you for emailing me, but i was sent a harrassing email telling me of this website by a “travis” so that is who i blame. again, save your accusations until you have read the case file as i have. not all of the kids participated in the vandalism, infact, most of them did not. additionally, the illeged rape has not gone to court yet and so cannot be claimed as fact.


  10. Anonymous II says:

    Thank you Anonymous for your comments! Never judge by what we hear/see in the media. I am disgusted and appalled at how unprofessionally the Boulder County Sheriff’s Detectives have handled this case in the media and in the court room without initially having concrete evidence. I’m sure you’ve not seen any updates on the case in the Media, because they would be embarrassed to update you. Until these kids have been FAIRLY heard and tried, I cannot not say anymore. I will say though….”there are A COUPLE of rotten eggs in every batch”. – Heartbroken in Boulder


  11. Tyler Brougham says:

    I’m Tyler Brougham. I was at the home and only helped take a speaker out but felt horrible doing so. I spent 1 yr in jail and paid 15k in restitution for that. This whole story is way over stated. Homeowners insurance should have covered cost. 15k × 6? When only 30k allegedly was taken, and most of the stuff got returned. The homeowner walked away richer in the end and never once showed their face in the courtroom. Just googled my name, and want you liberal boulderites to hear facts even though it was 13 yrs ago. Hows Myspace and Facebook now?


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