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Couple Accused of Photographing Minor:

Meet Randall Eugene Bateman and Angela Renee Bradford. They’re from LaVergne, TN. They’ve been arrested for aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor and statutory rape for sexually explicit pictures and video of a 14-year-old girl. Where did they meet the girl? MySpace of course. And thanks to our resident detective Mr. A we have MySpace profile wickedness for you.

Here is Angela’s MySpace where in her blog she states in an entry dated 3/3/06…

i haven’t been online in a ver long time now, maybe a week or so. something bad happened to me, and i don’t know when i will be able to get back online, i’m fine im just really scared and depressed but when i know more i will post and let u know.

That can happen when you get busted for inappropriate actions with a minor.

And here is Randall’s MySpace which is more or less blank.

I noticed on both their profiles they state their ages as 16 when they’re actually 23.

What makes things even sadder is the victim doesn’t even realize she’s a victim. From a blog entry from the victim’s now-defunct Xanga blog…

Shits just getting worse…
Its already Friday… Im at Meghan’s Shelia doesnt want me on here but i am since shes not home…oh well… I think Randall and Angela hate me since Randall got arrested because of what happened between us… But I wasnt the one that told the cops… James was and then he told them what we did… I kept my mouth shut… I wanted to go to Gregs tonight but couldnt… Oh well… I told my step dad off tonight because he wouldnt let me go but he let me come to Meghan’s I dont get it… Oh well… Thats all later

I always hate to cast aspersions on a victim but the whole situation screams “trailer park”.

And as Mr. A put it “just because he can” here is an archived version of Randall’s website and here is Angela’s eBay profile. Can you give eBay feedback without buying something from the person?

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