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Bartley to be tried as adult for school shootings:

Ken Bartley Jr., the gunman in the Campbell County High shooting that killed one and wounded two more, will be tried as an adult…

Kenny Bartley, Jr. was scheduled for a transfer hearing Wednesday to determine whether he would be tried as an adult.

However, Bartley’s attorney, Mike Hatmaker, waived the hearing. He told the judge there was no need to re-live the events of the shootings and waiving the hearing was best for Bartley and his family, since it was likely the state would have won.

The state had no objection so the judge ordered the transfer.

29 thoughts on “Bartley to be tried as an adult

  1. Jim says:

    lets hope for the chair


  2. Bobbie7day says:

    Juveniles cannot be executed in the United States, idiot. Lets hope you do not write in again on this subject.


  3. Jim says:

    yeah, I guess your right.

    lets hope he gets ass banged by a 6 foot tall 400 lb linebacker named bubbles 😈


  4. ZappaCrappa says:

    LMAO…I’m with you Jim. Though I am a big supporter of the death penalty (and unlike some…think that juvenilles who committ adult crimes are more than suitable for adult punishment), I really like the thought of these idiots being rectally assaulted while awaiting their ultimate punishment.

    Unfortunately, being a juvenille, he will not pay the ultimate price but we can all rest easy knowing that his young virgin ass is literally priceless in the joint and he will be passed around continually for the price of a few smokes until he has to wear depends undergarments to keep the the crap inside him 😆

    In the words of Frank Zappa…some advice for our young murderer…..”Don’t bend over if you are smart”


  5. Bobbie7day says:

    You are sick. It is a shame that you haven’t been shot.


  6. Jim says:

    Is that a threat ?

    To quote one of my favorite movies
    “Shit… You shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize.” – Harvey Keitel (Mr. White) Reservoir Dogs


  7. Bobbie7day says:

    Does it sound like a threat? No it is not a threat. I am just amazed that someone with your twisted thinking process and your inhumane views could have made it this far in life. I think we need to get back to the forum topic instead of making this our personal rebuttal page. K?


  8. Ashley says:

    I think you are all dumbasses for talking about this kid when you dont even know the situation around the events. He should not be tried as an adult for the simple fact that he is a fucken kid!!:evil:


  9. Bobbie7day says:

    Ashley, I do know the situation. The entire situation, in fact. More than you know, I am sure. If you read the above post you would see that I was defending Kenneth. You may be the dumb….


  10. Bobbie7day says:

    You might benefit from reading some of my other posts on this site about Kenneth. “Related Posts” are listed below. I was writing in as “Someone”, until another user started using my same screen name. (The other user’s “Someone” is in bold, my user name “Someone” is not in bold.) So I changed my screen name to “Bobbie7day”. In case you got confused. And just so you know, there are a lot of people who support Kenneth and care deeply about this child’s welfare. Unfortunately, not too many of these people write into this site. By the way, your attitude really sucks. I realize you are hurt and angry, because you care about Kenneth. But, if you want to help him, try to inform people about the situation. You’d be surprised. People will listen. Maybe not too many people from this site, but other’s will hear you. And every little bit of support matters. If you really care for Kenneth, then you need to advocate for this child in an appropriate manner. And then people will hear you.


  11. Cougar Mom says:

    A Petition has been started to Honor Ken Bruce by naming the new elementary school in Campbell County after him. Mr. Bruce was killed on November 8, 2005 when a school shooting occurred at Campbell County High School in Jacksboro, TN. Please take a minute and help the community as we start to heal.


  12. Endersdragon says:

    Only one little problem with this dumbasses (the judge not you Trench) theory, they don’t offer treatment in the adult system. If he really cared about treatment would you send a boy away to be raped night after night? That’s going to treat him up real good…

    Also by what is he basing his last opinion on?


  13. Dana says:

    Hey man, that’s punishment. What difference does it make if your fifteen or fifty-five? This kid brutally shot people, so I don’t think he’s that much of an innocent little boy after all.
    And the fact that he used drugs as an excuse makes me dislike him even more.


  14. Endersdragon says:

    So you seriously think he has the mental capacity of an adult? If 15 year olds can do that why don’t we give them, well any adult rights. This decision was supposed to be made on if he was treatable, now we are giving up on any possibility of that (for all we know without even trying), does that sound right?


  15. Bobbie Day says:

    Endersdragon, don’t even bother arguing with these guys. They are ignorant and clearly have nothing better to do with their time than to post on killings day in day out. Don’t waste your time and energy. They do not even know Kenneth. They wish they did because clearly they are sickly intrigued and obviously obsessed with this story. Perhaps they ought to get a new hobby. Trench and gang, I’ll get you Kenneth’s autograph if you’d like.


  16. Dana says:

    That might make a decent buck on ebay.


  17. Trench says:

    You can’t sell murderbelia on eBay.


  18. Dana says:

    I did not know.


  19. Emily says:

    well.i dont know what to say to those of you who are on Bartley’s side.I am a friend of the Bruce family.I have been for seven years.I am closest friends with Ken’s niece Mary Elizabeth.I am only 13 years old and i think that you people that agree with Bartley have no heart.Bartley shot 3 people KILLING one.And that ONE happened to be Ken Bruce.Im not saying anything agaisnt you Trench,but you people seriously need to look at your facts before you say anything where ALOT of people tend to read.Bartley should rot in hell before they EVER even think about putting him back in public.


  20. Bobbie Day says:

    But if he rotted in hell, he probably would not come back in public, you think?


  21. Bobbie Day says:

    There is no such thing as murderbelia, silly Trenchie. Looks like you fooled the very bright Dana though. She “did not know”. Dana, like yourself Trench, shares your wonderful, quick witted sense of humor.


  22. Bobbie Day says:

    Emily, are you yet another bright child born and raised in the wonderful Campbell County? How wonderful that you were able to find your way to Trench’s blog. It is always good to hear from “your kind”. You should not be on this site. There are curse words Little Emmie.


  23. Bobbie Day says:

    Quite the funny one. You too must be from Campbell County.


  24. Bobbie Day says:

    You don’t say. Hmmm….


  25. Dana says:

    No. I’ve never been there in my life, Bobbie Day.


  26. Emily says:

    i really dont care what you have to say about Campbell County.I dont like it myself.Yes I am one of the smart kids or else I wouldnt have so much to say about Kenny Bartley.I am apparently more mature than you people think.But whatever,have your thoughts I dont care.And I only let family call me Emmie thanks.


  27. Bobbie Day says:

    Then we must be family Emmie:)


  28. Emily says:

    not quite


  29. Bobbie Day says:

    Trench, I miss you. Where have you been? Hope all is well.


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