Patrick Buss

MySpace predator suspect caught in LaPine:

A 24-year-old Hubbard, Ore. man was arrested after knocking on the door of a LaPine motel room, allegedly to meet two high school girls he chatted up in sexually explicit fashion at the online site, police said Friday.

Patrick Nicholas Buss was lodged in the Deschutes County Jail in Bend on several charges but released early Friday on his own recognizance, pending a court date next month, officials said.

Last month, two LaPine High students contacted the sheriff’s school resource officer and reported receiving sexually explicit e-mails from an unknown man at, said sheriff’s Capt. Tim Edwards.

The contact initially was only “friendly conversation, but changed to sexually explicit language over the course of a few weeks,” Edwards said.

Sheriff’s detectives began an investigation and identified the man as Buss, the captain said.

Buss allegedly made arrangements to come to LaPine “for the purpose of having sexual contact with the girls,” Edwards said in a news release.

Thursday evening, Buss allegedly knocked on a motel room door “where he believed one of the girls was present, but instead was (greeted) by sheriff’s detectives who took him into custody without incident,” Edwards said.

Early Friday, Deschutes County sheriff’s detectives raided Buss’s home in Hubbard, a small town between Salem and Portland, and seized additional evidence, Edwards said.

Buss was lodged in the Bend jail on charges of computer crime, contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor and third-degree charges of attempted sex abuse, attempted rape and attempted sodomy, Edwards said.

But a jail officer said he was released from the crowded jail Friday morning on his own recognizance pending a May 19 court date.

And we have two MySpace profiles for Buss here and here.

Welcome to the Rogues Gallery Paddy.

4/27/06 From The Mail Sack

It’s been a while since we dipped into the mail sack. All the mutants just seem to be repeating themselves so I haven’t been inclined to respond. Until today when I received an e-mail that made my jaw drop from the sheer stupidity of it. It’s from someone who calls themselves Rogue. Rogue has been previously banned for saying that they should give back a would-be school shooters weapons. Anyway, you’re not going to believe this one…


Cool page. Like what you do here. But I find you only look at the story one way. Not once have I read a comment you’ve made, about even one of these school shootings being acceptable, or needed.

Did you use to be a police officer or something?

I’m not even going to respond to that one. I’m just going to let it stand on its own merits, or lack thereof.

New Red Lake suspect in court

RED LAKE INCIDENT: Student appears for alleged threats:

The suspect in the most recent threat against Red Lake High School has appeared in court…

DULUTH – A Red Lake (Minn.) High School student being held in connection with recent threats at the school where seven people were killed last year appeared Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Duluth, according to a newspaper report.

The Star Tribune of Minneapolis said the nature of the 10-minute, closed-door hearing before U.S. Magistrate Judge Raymond Erickson was not revealed. The identity of the boy also was not revealed.

Several members of the boy’s family attended the hearing but did not share details afterward. The boy appeared expressionless as authorities led him from the courtroom with his hands cuffed behind his back, the newspaper reported.

There’s something eerie about the fact that they’re keeping such a tight lid on this.

Pretty Predator

Pamela Rogers

“Pamela Rogers Faces New Accusations”: (Video of news article in the link)

There are new accusations Wednesday against convicted sex offender and former Warren County teacher Pamela Rogers. Rogers was arrested after the district attorney said she recently sent a pornographic video of herself to her teenage victim.

Rogers served six months in jail for having a sexual relationship with at 13-year-old student. She was released from jail on February 26. On April 12, police arrested Rogers for violating her probation. Rogers reportedly made contact with the victim and his family through a MySpace website, referring the young victim by his basketball jersey number.

But it’s ok because she’s an attractive woman. [/sarcasm]

She’s not the brightest crayon in the box is she?

Link via Digg.

Phoenix woman uses MySpace to have sex with teenage boys

Woman Accused Of Being Online Predator:

Police in the Phoenix, Arizona suburb of Goodyear say a 36-year-old woman used the web to pull a kind of “bait and switch” on teenage boys. The woman is now in jail.

Neighbors say there are plenty of kids in this new west Valley neighborhood where Peggy Ross lives.

Goodyear police claim 36-year-old Peggy Ross used the popular website posting a phony profile to lure teenage boys to chat rooms, then to her home.

Cmdr. Ralph Mclaughlin says the picture she posted on was not hers, but that of an unknown teenage girl.

Investigators say a 15-year-old boy eventually came forward, claiming he had sex with Ross who police say has three children of her own.

Police believe other boys were victimized but reluctant to come forward, perhaps because the suspect is a woman.

Again this is no different from any of the male predators that have been seen on this site.

FBI comment on new Red Lake scare

Student In Custody For Red Lake High School Threat:

The FBI is being very tight-lipped about the new scare in Red Lake…

On Tuesday, FBI Special Agent Michael Tabman announced in a news release, “At the present time, we believe the alleged threat to the Red Lake High School has been neutralized. Because this investigation is ongoing and involves a juvenile, there will be no further comment,” the AP reports.

Florida man uses MySpace to have sex with 14-year-old girl

MySpace contact results in man’s arrest:

BROOKSVILLE A 24-year-old Spring Hill man has been charged with sexual battery after he met a 14-year old girl on a popular Internet site, then had sex with her, according to an arrest affidavit from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.
James M. Tarduno, 3137 Wiltshire Ave., was arrested Tuesday and faces charges of lewd and lascivious battery on a child 12 years of age or older, but younger than 16.

The victim told investigators that she met Tarduno on, a popular social Internet site frequented by young people.

The two corresponded for a month online and through text messages on cell phones, then made arrangements to meet for sex, according to the report.

Tarduno met the victim at her house last Friday and they walked to Tarduno’s home, where they had sexual contact in the driveway, the report said. They also had sex in Tarduno’s station wagon, police said.

Tarduno later admitted to the sexual offense when contacted by investigators.

Like this story wasn’t creepy enough…

According to the report, Tarduno worked in security at Eckerd Youth Alternatives E-How-Kee Camp, a camp in Brooksville for troubled youngsters.

Tarduno started as a night watchman at the camp earlier this year and had no direct contact with youngsters there, said Lou Anne Banks, a spokeswoman for Eckerd Youth Alternatives, when reached Tuesday afternoon.

Banks said Tarduno passed law enforcement background checks at the time of his application. She said Tarduno ‘no longer works with us as of this morning.’

When I was 24 I dated one girl who was 21 and another who was 19. 19 is still a little young for a 24-year-old but she was still LEGAL!!! I’ll never understand how any legal adult in their right mind would want to have sex with a 14-year-old girl.

I couldn’t find the MySpace of the suspect at this time.

New threat at Red Lake

New threats at Red Lake School:

Haven’t these kids ever heard the expression “don’t poke the bear”?…

Officials at Red Lake High School arranged extra security after rumors that a group of students planned an assault at the school, which was the site of an attack last year in which seven people were gunned down.

The Star Tribune of Minneapolis, citing unnamed sources with knowledge of the situation, reported Tuesday that a ninth-grade student was in custody.

Minnesota high school violent plot foiled:

More details…

RED LAKE, Minn., April 25 (UPI) — Federal officials have foiled a gang-related violent plot at the Red Lake, Minn., high school where seven people were gunned down last year.

An unidentified ninth-grade boy with no record of behavioral problems was taken into custody late last week, and the FBI and Bureau of Indian Affairs agents were working at increasing security at the school, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported Tuesday.

Staff members and students learned of a “hit list” that contained dozens of names, mostly students and a few staff members, the report said.

If you plan a school attack where people have been previously killed in one, joking or not, the law is going to come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Never forget the monsters

Letter: Use of names in Columbine column could mislead others into repeating actions:

This is a letter to the paper of Kansas State University. I don’t know the original article the author is referring to but it seems like it had something to do with the Columbine anniversary last week. Anyway, this is a person after my own heart…


I was appalled at Thursday’s column on the shooting at Columbine High School. The apparent lack of respect displayed by the article was very upsetting for me.

The author states that these individuals were not monsters; only their acts were monstrous. The minute these young men brought guns into a school and started shooting, they became monsters.

Another misstep by the author was the inclusion of their names. The names have been enshrined on Websites by other misguided youths, and have given them people to rally behind. The acts of those two individuals should never be forgotten, but their names should drift into obscurity.

I attended a school that was a middle-class, white suburban school just like Columbine, located on the opposite side of Denver.

My school was hit very hard by the reality of what happened, and how it easily could have been us. I did see the memorial that was set up shortly after the shooting and have never been anywhere so quiet, and yet the expressions of the people said so much.

On April 20, 1999, our schools felt less safe, and a community was trying to find answers as to why kids were killing other kids. A discussion of the reasons why two kids turned into monsters should be held. The discussion should never not include the great pain a community felt and the terror the students and faculty felt.

Chris Rude

Graduate Student

Animal Sciences and Industry

I do disagree on one point. The names of Harris and Klebold, scumbags that they are, should be remembered. If you forget the names of history’s monsters it will only be a matter of time before their crimes against humanity are forgotten too.

Police search Michelle Dohm’s house

Police search accused Thurmont teacher’s home:

It’s been a while since we talked about the case of Michelle Dohm. She is the teacher from Maryland who is accused of stalking and threatening students. On Friday local police searched her house…

Members of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office on Friday afternoon searched the home of Michelle Dohm, a Thurmont school teacher accused of stalking students and making bomb threats in fall 2005.

Police were looking for handwriting samples, according to Cpl. Jennifer Bailey. Officers with a search and seizure warrant began searching Ms. Dohm’s home, at 2 Furnace Court, about noon, said Frederick County State’s Attorney Scott Rolle.

“We felt we needed the (handwriting samples) for comparative purposes,” Mr. Rolle said.

Although Mr. Rolle could not comment on what was taken, he said all the information police obtained would be shared with Ms. Dohm’s defense lawyer.

It seems that there have been further shenanigans in this case…

At the same time as police were searching Ms. Dohm’s house, the Thurmont Police Department investigated a suspicious envelope mailed to a residence at Emmitsburg Road, about two miles away.

Thurmont Police Chief Greg Eyler said he could not reveal what the letter inside the envelope said. However, the letter did have certain similarities to the letters Ms. Dohm allegedly left for students last fall.

One of the letters Ms. Dohm allegedly wrote stated, “Tick tock, tick tock. Is it as bomb or is it a clock. You ignored the note on the van. Now I will carry out my plan.”

“The occupant received an envelope that seemed suspicious,” Chief Eyler said. “It was heavy on the hand.”

Thurmont Officer First Class Christopher McLoughlin responded to Emmitsburg Road and called in the bomb squad, Chief Eyler said. A deputy from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office also responded.

The envelope, postmarked April 20 and sent from Thurmont, was taken apart, and nothing was found, Chief Eyler said.

“Everything is OK,” he said.

The letter is being compared to the letters Ms. Dohm allegedly sent and being sent to a laboratory for further review, Chief Eyler said.

This is the strangest case I’ve ever covered. It’s like watching a bad made for TV movie.