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UGA Student Charged With Using MySpace For Extortion:

This one is a little strange. Try and follow along…

ATHENS, Ga. — Police have charged a University of Georgia student with using a popular Internet site to try to extort a 17-year-old Forsyth County girl to have sex with him.

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department Investigator J.D. Roe said Andrew Ross Levitz, 20, a sophomore from Marietta, is accused to posing as a 19-year-old woman on to exploit the teenager by pretending to share her interest in modeling.

Roe said after the girl e-mailed nude photos of herself, Levitz admitted he is a man and threatened to show the compromising photos to online contacts if she refused to meet him for sex.

Roe said by the time the teenager told police, Levitz had sent her photograph to two of her online “friends.” He said Levitz also sent the young woman explicit photographs of himself.

Roe said Athens-Clarke police stopped Levitz on a Forsyth County warrant Saturday afternoon as he drove to work as a radio disc jockey for the university’s radio station. He said police seized five computers, a Webcam and other items from the student’s apartment.

Levitz is free on a $26,000 bond and is scheduled to be arraigned April 12 in Forsyth County Superior Court.

Levitz is charged with theft by extortion, sexual exploitation of children, electronically furnishing obscene materials to minors and second-degree forgery.

How is that any different from attempted rape actually? And if you have to blackmail women into having sex with you then you definitely have a problem.

Could this be Levitz’s MySpace? It fits name, school, age, and location.

One thought on “ExtortionSpace

  1. booboo says:

    that is definitely his myspace. i know him in person- he has a long history of doing this to girls and we are all glad he is finally having to pay in some way for it.


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