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Man arrested for raping boy he met through web site:

A popular teen website has landed a man in jail for statutory rape.

Police arrested Ryan Matthew Adams at a house in Murfreesboro, and say he contacted a 14-year-old boy in Williamson County through a website called

After developing an online relationship, police say he picked up the boy and drove him to Rutherford County where the two engaged in sexual activity on three occasions.

The article doesn’t give Adams’ age but according to his MySpace profile, he’s 20.

H/T to Payned.

15 thoughts on “Statutory rape in Tenn.

  1. svaw says:

    I was his roommate at the university of saint thomas in MN He’s quite a manipulative dirt bag, and yeah he’s 20, 9/7/85 I believe… this guy was the biggest homophobe, abusing alcohol, and manipulating his friends.


  2. Jenny says:

    i definitely went to high school with that guy.
    this is weirrd.


  3. katie says:

    oh my gosh….so pretty sure i used to be friends with him and then we turned into big time enemies. he told my mother she needed to work on her parenting, called me an alcohloic (dont feel so bad about that since hes a CHILD MOLESTER), and also refused to let his girl friend go down his pants (makes sense now though!)


  4. erin says:

    Yep pretty sure I worked with him and played on a co-ed soccer team with him in high school… The douchebag wouldn’t kiss his girlfriend for like two months either.


  5. Travis says:

    Yah I went to high school, graduated, and went to St. Thomas with this kid…never really was friends with him though. This is so messed up but I can’t say that he didn’t give off a different kind of vibe…with any luck he’ll be locked up for a long long time but unfortunately he might be into the gay prison sex


  6. Maggie says:

    I go to the University of St. Thomas also. Wasn’t he our freshman class president?! I had a class with him, he seemed so innocent, but I suppose they all do… That is sick


  7. katie says:

    nah…those prison guys are probably a little older than what ryan prefers


  8. dalton says:

    I always thought he was kinda gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but a gay pedophile???? His myspace profile says he is 14 years old. What the fuck?? In prison im sure hell get back what he gave out though, and plenty of it.


  9. Mike says:

    I’ve known ryan and who he is for many years. We’ve been good friends and I know what happened to him too. He’s been well set up by the police and is not a child molester or rapest. You all truly don’t know him and the value he holds. I gaurantee you regardless of the outcome of all this he will still be bigger and better than most of you. He’s achieved more than most of us so far in his life and he keep doing it i am guessing. I stand by him and many still do and always will. It was statutory rape, which is consensual relationships. Just make sure you get the story from him and you just may understand. Or hate him, its truly your loss and mistake.


  10. Mike2 says:

    Well I suppose that strong values would cause you to engage in sexual activity with 14 and 15 year olds… wow, quite the man. I guess the fact that he uses manipulation to get himself everything he has also makes him quite a respectable and valorous person. Seriously Ryan Adams is quite a fuckin saint, not everybody can land a 6 figure job as a Vp of a record label at 20 and get on children. Talk about time management!


  11. Joe Dietel says:

    I’ve known Ryan the whole first semester at UST, he was really nice to me, always gave me and my friend all the free booze and fruit snacks we wanted. I would’ve never have guessed him doing this.


  12. Travis says:

    You’re an idiot


  13. Zach says:

    He was best friends with caleb, my brother. I think they might have gotten sensual….


  14. matt says:

    i knew ryan and he was a good guy. never once did i think he would do this and i still dont think he would. i agree that he was set up by the police.


  15. N says:

    I went to St. Thomas with him. He was seriously one of the least enjoyable people I’ve ever met. What a fucking tool. Totally obsessed with power. Call me pathetic, but I’m still really interested in finding out how all this ended up.


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