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Accused teen shooter’s release denied:

James Scott Newman, the 14-year-old Pine Middle School gunman in Reno, Nevada, had his request for release denied by a Nevada juvenile judge…

Juvenile Court Master Janet Schmuck said Friday that she ordered the detention of 14-year-old James Scott Newman during his initial hearing on March 20 because he was considered a danger to society.

“And I have not heard anything to change that,” Schmuck said.

Get your giggles out now over the judge’s name.

Of course, the defense and the prosecution have differing opinions…

Two psychologists, one appointed by the state and another hired by the family, evaluated Newman to determine whether he’s a safety risk. They came to different conclusions. The state-hired psychologist said Newman was a threat, while Earl Nielsen said the boy could safely be released.

Nielsen, who had been hired by the family, told the judge he had met with Newman several times and reviewed school reports and community letters. He found that although the boy may suffer from anxiety and depression, he does not suffer from any psychological disorders suggesting any new violent behavior.

“I don’t believe that James presents a high risk to the community,” Nielsen testified. “I don’t think he’s a danger to himself. I don’t think he’s a danger to others.”

Houston told the judge Newman’s family has outlined a plan for complete care and supervision round-the-clock should he be released, including therapy for the boy and his family, medical care, help from neighbors, education, and exercise.

But Wickes argued that Newman’s behavior before the incident, and the shooting itself, shows that he can’t be trusted.

Newman told one evaluator he had tried to get his brother to buy a carbon-dioxide cartridge for an air rifle, “so that (James Scott Newman) could harm more people when he ran out of bullets,” she said. And he had read information on the Internet about the Columbine High School shootings because “it helped inspire him.”

“He rejected using a .45-caliber because it was too complicated, and he described the 38 as his favorite gun,” Wickes said. “He rejected stabbing someone because he didn’t want all that blood on him.”

The trial has been set for June 22nd.

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