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Teens say ‘goths’ just one of many high school cliques

This is a pretty good article from the Courier-Post that tries to dispel the stereotypes about goths being Satan worshippers and the like. However one of the suspects isn’t helping to break that stereotype…

At Winslow Township High School, three teens, described by their peers as “goths,” face numerous charges for allegedly planning to execute up to 25 teachers and students during a lunch period. One of the teens, the alleged ringleader, describes himself as “gothic” on his MySpace Web site and hails Satan as his hero.

I can’t confirm that since we don’t have the names of the suspects.

The best quote comes from a 16-year-old girl from Moorestown, NJ…

Canella Kolo, 16, said she knows that some “goths” are distraught over the harassment but she doesn’t think they would resort to violence.

“You got some issues if that’s what you’re thinking about,” said Kolo, a student at Rancocas Valley. “They just talk a lot.”

2 girls get credit for foiling plot:

This article, also from the Courier-Post, commends the school and the two students who came forward about the plot…

This week’s revelations of an alleged plot to kill 25 people in and around Winslow Township High School had a silver lining, interim Principal Michele Ferner said.

“The good news is that the system worked,” said Ferner, who took over the troubled school in January. “The kids trusted the administration and the teaching staff enough to come to us with the rumors, knowing that we would investigate them.”

Two girls arrived in Ferner’s office March 30 to tell what they had heard of a plot. They acted shy, a bit embarrassed and made reference to a 2003 movie that depicts a school shooting, she said.

Ferner and her staff investigated and notified the township police. The three Winslow High students who were eventually charged in an alleged murder conspiracy were not in school that day, she said.

The Camden County prosecutors office also said there were no plans to charge any more suspects at this time but the investigation is ongoing.

6 thoughts on “Winslow Township High Update

  1. Sara says:

    The Courier Post says three students here, but you earlier mentioned a fourth being charged.

    Just noting.


  2. Trench says:

    That article was specifically about the teens from Winslow Twp. HIgh not the one from Hammonton High.


  3. unamuzed says:

    i go to winslow high school and this whole thing needs to be dropped.


  4. Trench says:

    Oh sure let’s just forget the whole thing ever happened and just send the kids to bed without any supper. 🙄


  5. unamuzed says:

    ok u took what i said wrong i meant for the press to drop it considering they dont know the thruth and are just spreading more rumors. this should be taking seriously in court! today’s inncident just makes the press more hungry for b/s.


  6. Trench says:

    Gotcha. Sorry.


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