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Winslow reflects on youth violence:

The residents of Winslow Township in South Jersey seem to have good heads on their shoulders and have come up with a novel concept to combat school violence…

In the wake of an alleged massacre threat at the local high school, residents on Sunday identified a range of official measures that might curb youth violence.

But over and over, the speakers said the best defense would be something independent of the government: stronger families.

Imagine that.

“Children need a lot of parental care,” said Lois Borusewicz, who was watching her 21-year-old son Bret play baseball at a township park.

“You have to be there for them,” said Borusewicz, a mother of three. “Your child looks for you to be there.”

“Those kids need love,” Borusewicz said of the suspects. “That’s what they’re missing.”

If more parents got involved in their kids’ lives and actually taught them right from wrong instead of living in denial then all forms of school violence would steadily decrease. Unfortunately, there are just too many parents who don’t give a damn.

One thought on “Community speaks on Winslow Twp. Plot

  1. Jim says:

    Unfortunately there are just too many parents who don’t give a damn.

    That’s what chemical castration is for 😆


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