The Trench Reynolds Report

Without truth there is no justice hires child safety czar from Microsoft:

News Corp. is set on Tuesday to name a security czar to oversee child safety measures on, the popular teen dating and music site that has provoked an outcry among parents who fear they have not done enough to thwart sexual predators.

Hemanshu (Hemu) Nigam, now director of Consumer Security Outreach & Child Safe Computing at Microsoft Corp., will head up safety, education, privacy and law enforcement oversight programs for MySpace and other Fox Web properties.

The appointment is effective May 1, News Corp.’s Fox Interactive Media, the parent of MySpace, said in a statement.

The move is one of several responses MySpace and its owners have taken in recent months to respond to harsh criticism by parent groups, legal authorities and politicians.

Nigam brings strong credentials to his new role. He has more than 15 years of experience in online safety, including serving as a Federal prosecutor against Internet child exploitation for the U.S. Department of Justice.

He was also an advisor to a Congressional commission on online child safety, and an advisor to the White House on cyberstalking.

Prior to Microsoft, Nigam was vice president of worldwide Internet enforcement at the Motion Picture Association of America, where he oversaw the global strategy to combat online video piracy for seven major Hollywood studios.

Impressive credentials outside of that stint with the MPAA.

MySpace reaching out to parents:

MySpace has also hired more employees to handle security and customer care–roughly 100 people, or one-third of its workforce, scout out inappropriate content or underage members.

Again that is rather impressive but will it be enough? Only time will tell.

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