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CCSU student held in MySpace case :

Is Conn. like the MySpace predator breeding ground?

A Central Connecticut State University student was arrested Tuesday morning after police said they discovered he had made contact with a 12-year-old Newington girl on MySpace and used the connection to set up a sexual encounter with the girl and a 12-year-old friend. David Leonard of New Britain, was arrested by the Newington detectives at his home on charges of third-degree sexual assault and resisting arrest.

Lt. Stephen Clark of the Newington Police Department said detectives first began investigating the incident after they received information from a Department of Children and Families worker about the victim’s encounter with Leonard.

Police said the relationship first began in summer 2005 when one of the victims used her sister’s screen name and began corresponding with Leonard using the popular Internet profile and chat program, The relationship eventually led to phone conversations via cell phone and eventually he established a meeting time with the two girls, police said.

According to the incident reports, Leonard proceeded to meet the girls at a local school and the three went into a wooded area together. Once they were in the area, Leonard proceeded to kiss and fondle both victims.

Assistant State’s Attorney Louis Luba Jr. said that during investigations, Leonard indicated to police that he had believed the girls were actually 14 years old, stating that he was unaware of their actual age.

This is the second time Leonard has been in trouble for possible involvement with a minor. He was scheduled to face charges of second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor for what is believed to be a similar case in Tolland Superior Court today, but the case was continued until April 19 because of Tuesday’s arrest.

Several facts stated in Leonard’s MySpace profile indicate that he has had several other established Internet relationships with females under the age of 18 as well. His site, which was last accessed by the user on Monday, contains a list of 17 friends, of which nearly a dozen are females registered as under the age of 18.

In his profile, Leonard admits to being a CCSU student from New Britain, but claims to be only 18 years old himself. His actual age is 22.

So telling the cops you thought they were 14 makes it right? For someone so dumb how did you get into college?

And Mr. A brings us Davey’s MySpace profile. Noting is funnier than reading the comments of a MySpace pedophile when his friends find out that he’s been busted.

11 thoughts on “Cops Catch Conn. College Creeper

  1. jade says:

    does this clown have another myspace profile? because the article said he had 17 friends, and he now has over 400.
    and yeah, 14 is just as sick as 12…and just as illegal. moron.
    he should have been castrated the first time he was arrested for sexually assaulting a minor.


  2. barbra says:

    the pedaphile sent me pics of his penis


  3. HATESDL says:

    This prick has 2 court cases going and also now a gun charge and the asshole is still on the streets preying on more young girls. Where the hell is the justice in this country, what the hell are the prosocutors thinking. Lower his bail so he can get out and get more kids. His parents need to have their heads examined. I HOPE THEY LOSE EVERYTHING!!!


  4. Anonymous says:

    he’s stupid and he’s sick but i, the athiest, am praying for his family. not a religious nut but a friend of their’s hoping things will get better, not only for them but for the girls he effected. it’s messed up. it’s so very, very messed up. dave was always a jerk, always but i never knew he was capable of destroying people’s lives and being a pro at destroying his own.
    i hope he and people like him get the help they need. they’re destroying myspace, society and the futures of thousands.


  5. On a Mission says:

    Your right when you say he’s sick. I understand to a point his parents bailing him out the first time but common how many arrests does he need before they realize he’s a sick bastard and needs to be in prison. Even after his first arrest he stayed online looking for more girls. I’m making it a mission of mine to have his face and name on every news channel and newspaper and here on MyCrimeSpace after each arrest until he’s in prison for 50 years to life. Trust me there will be more arrests.


  6. On a Mission says:

    Barbra, If your under 16 maybe you should contact your local police department. The more counts on this sicko the better. If you looked at the picture than it’s still in your computer you just can’t see it if you deleyted it. The cops can find it though. Good luck to you. I’m so glad you didn’t become one of his victims. Stay safe.


  7. Anonymous says:

    I was one of his many victims, he encountered me at 13 as well. I am almost 20 years old now and I most likely will have to testify against him in court. I was a naive young girl and he made himself sound like a likable guy. He would ask to take me to parties to “show me off” to his friends, he made many attempts to get me to go out on dates with him, have sexual encounters (he was very pushy by the way and his hands would not take no for an answer). I had become aware of the fact that he was very “premiscuous” because he would send me pictures of him naked, masturbating, having sexual encounters with other young girls. I told him once when I found out he was after one of my younger friends (who was 12-13 at the time) “I hope you get caught out, you are a child molester” I’m very happy this is all happening.


  8. mike says:

    Of course i think what dave did was wrong but this pisses me off that he’s taking so much shit(20 years in prison). What i remember of middle school is that about 1/3 of the students boys and girls were having sex and the other 2/3 wanted to. At 13 years old i knew the difference from right and wrong and consequences of my actions. I personally knew dave from sports and school and can say that his a good and decent person. I know he’s must regret terribly what he’s done and all you bastards that cast your written stones at him in thiese comment boxes without knowing all the facts can eat shit.


  9. Mike, if this is Big Mike your lucky you didn’t get arrested with him. No wonder why your sticking up for your buddy.
    Can’t imagine when your a dad one day, and you think nothing of your 13 year old sleeping with one of your friends. Again, it would’ nt surprise me what you would think and agree to. Your much like him.


  10. jody says:


    Thank you! I am Davids mom’s best friend. I have know the leonard children from the day they were born. David has made some very serious errors in judgement, but I agree that David has always been a good kid. All these people punishing his parents is just awful!!! Can you imagine what they are going through. Does no one have any compassion! They just lost their son for 20 years. Dave needs help not 20 yrs behind bars and certainly not 50!!! what a jerk this on a mission is! get a life!!!! Thanks you mike for having some compassion


  11. jody says:


    AllI can say is that you are a loser. Wishing bad things upon innocent people like Daves family. All I can say is that What comes around goes around &amp someday something bad will befall you and I hope that no one has any sympathy for you! LOSER


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