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School massacre-plot trial hits new snag: Immunity appeal could cause delay lasting months:

I hate to make this sound like a soap opera but they couldn’t write this more like one. Anyway, the last we left the situation in Marshfield the trial of Tobin Kerns was delayed once again because witnesses for the prosecution Daniel Farley and Joseph Sullivan refused to testify on the day of the trial unless they were granted immunity. That immunity was granted to them last week. Now the DA is appealing that decision which could take months. It will be interesting to see if the trial of Joe Nee will have this many delays considering Nee is the son of a Boston cop.

2 thoughts on “Kerns trial delayed again

  1. A reason to stay 😎 (Immunity denied in the case in Juvenile Court, according to our local news source) at

    Juvenile Judge Says ‘No’ to Immunity

    They’ve been granted immunity in one trial, but a juvenile court judge did not grant Joseph Sullivan and Daniel Farley immunity in the trial of Toby Kerns of Marshfield. Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz says his office will appeal that decision to the Supreme Judicial Court. Kerns is one of two facing seperate trials for allegedly planning to attack Marshfield High School. Kerns is being tried in juvenile court. Sullivan and Farley have been granted immunity in Joseph Nee’s trial, the alleged co-conspirator in the Columbine style plot, Nee is being tried in Superior Court.


  2. Trench says:

    Thanks. I was obviously confused from The Ledger article. 😳


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