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Ok, I’ll admit it. I totally screwed the pooch in my last entry about the trial of Tobin Kerns. I was under the assumption that Daniel Farley and Joseph Sullivan were given immunity in both the trials of Tobin Kerns and Joe Nee. That is not the case. An astute commenter pointed me in the direction of this article which states the following…

Juvenile Judge Says ‘No’ to Immunity

They’ve been granted immunity in one trial, but a juvenile court judge did not grant Joseph Sullivan and Daniel Farley immunity in the trial of Toby Kerns of Marshfield. Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz says his office will appeal that decision to the Supreme Judicial Court. Kerns is one of two facing separate trials for allegedly planning to attack Marshfield High School. Kerns is being tried in juvenile court. Sullivan and Farley have been granted immunity in Joseph Nee’s trial, the alleged co-conspirator in the Columbine style plot, Nee is being tried in Superior Court.

So Farley and Sullivan were granted immunity in the trial of Joe Nee but not the trial Of Tobin Kerns because immunity can’t be given in a juvenile court. The DA is appealing that which is causing the trial of Tobin Kerns to be delayed once again.

In my opinion, this is a desperation act on the part of the DA because his case is falling apart before his eyes.

3 thoughts on “Clarifiaction in immunity situation

  1. Jim says:

    this is a desperation act on the part of the DA because his case is falling apart before his eyes.

    As it should… he never had a case in the first place


  2. I simply fell across the article browsing for more info myself other than the Patriot Ledger, which had absolutely nothing – in all honesty! Thanks for the compliment though.

    You know, it seems as if some news sources are afraid to comment on the news unless it is almost old news. So, pat yourself on the back for keeping abreast of the news at the very least.

    Just an opinion – but I feel that simply by Toby’s being with the wrong people at the wrong time was his worst offense. There’s a better way to word this point – I’m sure you’ll think of something. And, I know his attorney couldn’t be working harder – out straight. Hope you keep up the great work here. I printed out your postings on the case up until last month and handed it to Toby’s lawyer since he’s a friend of mine… to show him at least he’s got more than a few real supporters. It’s what local people know that could help the case, and this website is fantastic. You never know what can happen from this kind of endeavor and you could end up helping alot of people if someone comes forward and offers information to help a case. Just wanted to comment also that I teach computer courses at a local city college, and it’s easy to appreciate quality work like yours that’s truly needed. It’s the content that matters:!: I hope you get some recognition some day for the purpose and efforts of your site. It’s refreshing to see someone produce something that says people care about or should care about what’s going on locally. If Toby has to spend time for being with the wrong people at the wrong time, then I hope they get what justice is due to them in spades, between you and me and the ‘lamp post’.
    Keep up with your work and maybe you’ll get some deserved reconigition some day for the noble cause of your site. :cool:Best Regards.


  3. Trench says:

    Thank you for the kind words. That’s basically all the recognition I need.


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