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Pamela Rogers

I have a question. Why is it that Pamela Rogers is not being viewed as a pedophile like any other teacher that would have sex with a 13-year-old student? If it was a male teacher and a female student we’d all be crying out for his blood. But since she’s an attractive female and the student is male it’s considered “no big deal” and brings cries of “I wish I had teachers like that when I was 13”. Pamela Rogers is a pedophile, plain and simple. No different from any of the other scumbags that have been profiled here.

14 thoughts on “Question about Pamela Rogers

  1. One Who Knows says:

    You sound like a Nigger Loving Pussy


  2. And you sound like a cousin loving inbred hick.


  3. Bookhouse says:

    Well, Trench, I see where you’re coming from. But before we can really talk about it, we’d have to find a male molestor that attractive (she’s a little too Maxim for me, but there’s no denying she’s exceptionally attractive).

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a good looking male child molestor.

    BTW, you need to see Hard Candy when it comes to your area.


  4. Leslie says:

    To me it is a morality thing. If you let her go you are sending a message throught out the U.S. thay ….Hey, it is really okay to have sex with children. Your teaching the children this and the adults. Look at all the pervs we have out there now, they know they can get off easy if they get caught and in jail they will be treated with cable t.v. and other luxuries they feel they are intitled to.
    Now this woman gets away with it, next time the kid will be younger. I think if I were the judge I would tell the kid, they may not think at this point and time, that the sex was harmful, but later, they will realize how young they really were, what kind of problems will they have? drinking, drugs? what? There will be problems, because there is a problem right now with a kid wanting to have sex. YOU REALLY DO HAVE TO LET THE BRAIN CATCH UP TO THE BODY.


  5. john says:

    Haha your right. I wish a hott teacher molested me … &lt3



  6. d says:

    i dunno, she IS pretty cute

    and also, maybe its just culture that creates this idea that sex is so sacred

    i mean, go pray or something if myspace bothers you that much– i.e. do not visit the site, do not let your son/daughter visit it, etc… but the whole “there outta be a law” thing is dumb in my opinion


  7. john says:

    Haha your right. I wish a hott teacher molested me … &lt3



  8. Caleb Batey says:

    She’s a pedophile. I can tolerate {key word: tolerate} the fact that people took some pity on her at the beginning, but the fact that she can’t let go of this ridiculous relationship demonstrates that she sexually prefers children to adults.


  9. Caleb Batey says:

    [Corrected my website link]


  10. Jeff says:

    “I think that we should get rid of because it is just hurting people or even getting them killed or kidnapped. It’s just another bad website that is too horrible for kids my age. I once had a myspace but after all of the stories that i heard about the website, I deleted it. Its just too dangerous. We all need to stop it! Please help.”

    In that case, we should also get rid of schools – if there are no teachers, teachers can’t be sex fiends! And highways, a lot of people die on them, and kidnappers transport their victims on them, and beer is bad too, and fat foods, and soda…

    It really is quite naive to believe something will ever just go away or even be impacted in the slightest by taking away an extremely infrequent means to an unfortunately common end. How many stories of sexual predators or abductions make national news? Not many, or you’d have a tough time getting to sleep at night. How many of the myspace stories get on national news? Anybody for 100%? Its true that almost all substantial crimes that have a myspace tie end up escalating from a local news story, because its just so JUICY to be able to draw a parallel to past news, or news from another region. TV producers have name for this, its called continuity, and it what gets people to stay tuned through the commercial breaks..

    “Tonight, murder case number 2 on the month for the sexual predator site… AFTER THIS BREAK!”

    I couldn’t second guess your decision to delete your profile, but the fact remains it is a website that I and many others use to keep in touch with friends and acquaintences. I’ve been on for almost two years, and I haven’t invited, or agreed to an invitation to meet a stranger in private, nor have I organized or conspired to organize illicit sexual relations through its services. But see, that testimonial won’t appear on the news anytime soon, because its quite a common thing and really is very boring.

    Secondly, women that commit sex crimes don’t typically have unwilling “victims,” although I am by no means saying that scenario doesn’t exist. But it is that will to join her in her act that is what necessitates the quotation marks in specifying the “victim.” Is she guilty of wrongdoing? Yes, she broke laws, a moral and professional barrier, social taboos, and has proven herself to be rather inept in decision making in general. As a result she has been sentenced to nine months in jail, eight years probation (!) and is now a registered sex offender and is to be considered a dangerous person by any employer as a result. But she had not used physical domination to force a subject who wasn’t expecting this behaviour into submission or any other forms of compliance. That is what seperates her, and others like her, from the males typically charged with sex crimes.

    (Just an aside note: A woman, I believe from Wisconsen was recently charged with sexually assaulting her daughter using means I feel too graphic to bring up in this discussion. It bears mentioning to acknowledge that women are equally capible of gruesome sex crimes.)

    My assumption from the evidence that has appeared in the news, and the relative “lightness” of her sentence, is that she acted from sincere naievety of any wrongdoings or moral barriers, and NOT from a predatorial behaviour that selects prey based solely upon vulnerability. The latter is undoubtedly the more dangerous to society, and thusly those that act upon those instincts should be held to harsher penalties. The prior, I said before proves more an inability to make reasonable decisions, and there is no evidence I’ve seen yet that indicates she has inflicted anywhere near the same physical or emotional damage that the predatorial acts against the weak and vulnerable inflict.

    In other words, its not about the nature that shes a female in the position of being the pedophile, its that she’s simply not equatable to some of the most disgusting and universally damnable human beings of our society. Making any paralell between the two makes light of THOSE horrendous acts and heinous actions, which should (hopefully) remain viewed as the absolute worst acts against humanity that can happen in this world today.

    A counter question to “Trench.” In my local metro area, there was a spree of violent rapes that occured just last year in several nursing homes and assisted care communities, the victims of which were all elderly patients under care of the facilities at the time.

    Now. My question to you is this Why would the national media pick the story of a teacher sexing up a willing student, over of a spree of unthinkably deplorable crimes? And, no less, they were crimes commited against victims that define the very meaning of the word “helpless.”
    What would the media stand to gain in that?
    Why would they want you to think about the story of Pamela Rogers instead?


  11. joe says:

    when i was 12 i had a 18 year old babysitter teach me about sex.
    i do not regret it at all. I loved being the so called “victim”. so did Pams” Victim.”
    government and “society” dictates so called norms. years ago people were
    married at 12 and 13. chill out…


  12. Trench says:

    years ago people were
    married at 12 and 13. chill out…

    That’s funny. Pedophiles use that same line as justification for what they do.


  13. Vince says:

    how can we send her email letters of support.


  14. Trench says:

    You have issues.


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