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I received an e-mail from a student at Winslow Township High School in South Jersey. The same high school where three kids were arrested for plotting an attack against their school. The fourth was from nearby Hammonton High. The student was really persistent in sharing his story. We’ll call him Jack.

Jack said that he knows the 14-year-old and he states that the 14-year-old was picked on but nothing too severe. Jack also says that girlfriend of the 14-year-old knew about the plot but couldn’t keep it secret. Jack said that all three suspects were “goth” but explained that the ringleader was into satanism and believed he was, in fact, a vampire but that the other two were just “fashion-goths”. According to Jack, the 14-year-old had been suspended in the past for bringing knives to school and once threatened another student with a knife but that student never came forward.

Normally I would not take information from a high school student as most of the info I receive from students are just rumors. However, there is a low degree of separation between Jack and the suspects.

2 thoughts on “A student’s account

  1. Jim says:

    been getting a lot of “I knew so&ampso” lately… wonder how much of it is real and fake.


  2. evonne says:

    i am so tired of hearing all of this b-s about the high school can’t they just have a good year without any of this drama it’s not really nessecery people are just looking forattention and all the people that spread the rumors need to shut there mouth cause i’m just so tired of it we need to end the year in a good remebering way not a bad remembering way


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