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If you want excellent coverage on the murder of Jamie Rose Bolin by Kevin Ray Underwood please go to Look Who’s Tattling Now or Huff’s Crime Blog. If you want crappy coverage with a lot of loud-mouthed opinions keep it here.

Suspect blogged about cannibalism:

The article mainly deals with the fact that Underwood had blogged before about cannibalism, which is covered in detail in the previous two blogs I mentioned. However, I want to talk about the reaction from Underwood’s family and the people who knew him.

I mean it’s the old “joke”, if you will, of when they catch a serial killer of some other usually white violent killer it’s always the same thing. “He was the shy, quiet type”. Kevin Ray Underwood was no exception.

From his mother…

Underwood’s family was shocked.

“This is something that I don’t know where it came from,” Underwood’s mother, Connie, said through tears in a brief telephone interview Sunday with The Associated Press. “He was always a wonderful boy.

“I would like to be able to tell her family how sorry we are. I just feel so terrible.”

From his former employer…

Underwood worked for nearly seven years at a Carl’s Jr. restaurant, where shift leader Bill Verdan described him as a quiet person who kept to himself. “He did a good job,” Verdan said Sunday.

However, he said Underwood, who quit about a year ago, was a “boring” man who rarely smiled.

“Just his tone of voice, he just sounded dull,” Verdan said. “Trying to get a smile out of him took an act of Congress.”

Verdan said he and his wife and young daughters never suspected anything unusual.

“He gave my wife rides home from work numerous times,” Verdan said. “We never felt uncomfortable. I talked to my girls after this happened, and they said they felt comfortable around him.”

For those of us that live east of the Mississippi Carl Jr’s is the same as Hardee’s.

From his current employer…

His most recent job was as a stocker at a Griders Discount Foods grocery store in Oklahoma City, where he arrived early for his shift Friday, said a manager at the store, Jerry Castro.

“He was the same as always,” Castro said. “He was quiet and kept to himself. He didn’t interact with people. It just didn’t dawn on you that this was something he’d do.”

I really don’t have much of a point except maybe that these statements just go to show how cold and unemotional Underwood was. Because only someone who is dead inside like Underwood could commit such a heinous and brutal crime on such an undeserving victim.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. My message to Kevin Underwood is still, rot in hell.

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