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Adult charges not sought in Center Grove school plot:

Following their psychiatric evaluations, all four suspects in the plot to attack Center Grove High School in Indiana will not be charged as adults…

Johnson County Prosecutor Lance Hamner said today his decision not to seek moving the cases into adult court was based on the boys’ psychological evaluations and criminal histories.

“The psychological evaluations came back a couple of days ago and based on the information in that report, it seems most appropriate to adjudicate the cases through the juvenile court system,” Hamner said today.

Under Indiana law, a child must stay in the juvenile system unless the court orders the case moved to adult court, Hamner said.
While the boys will face juvenile court charges, crimes that would be Class B felonies if brought against an adult, they face serious consequences.

“In these cases, none of the kids had any significant juvenile record,” Hamner said.

Although the psychological profiles are confidential, the information in them would impel a court to retain the cases in the juvenile system, he added.

“Therefore, filing for adult court jurisdiction would not be appropriate under the circumstances,” Hamner said.

In the juvenile system, a defendant could receive incarceration in the Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center or be sentenced to a state juvenile facility under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections.

“If he’s sent to the Department of Corrections, he can be incarcerated up to age 21,” Hamner said.

I think they’re making a mistake but only time will tell.

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