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Teens tied up in court:

This another article about how the trial of Tobin Kerns has been delayed yet again due to the immunity situation of the two witnesses Daniel Farley and Joseph Sullivan. Nothing new that we haven’t talked about already but I want to point out some things in the article…

Kerns, 18, and another student, Joseph Nee, 20, were charged with promotion of anarchy, conspiracy to commit murder and threatened use of a deadly weapon in fall, 2004, after Marshfield Police found materials at Kerns’ home outlining a planned attack on Marshfield High School with a list targeting groups of students, teachers and administrators.

Acting on a tip by Nee and other students, police found a binder and evidence that Kerns’ computer had been used to look at Web sites like the Anarchist’s Cookbook, which explains how to make explosives leading to Kerns’ arrest in September.

According to a source that’s very close to the proceedings there was no list found at the Kerns’ house. The source says that the only list of names was the one Joe Nee gave verbally to police while trying to implicate Tobin. And lastly according to the source witnesses have stated that Nee, Farley, and Sullivan were still talking about their plan after Tobin Kerns had broken ties with them and was in Oregon. And let’s not forget that Joe Nee had stayed at the Kerns’ residence and the evidence seized could have belonged to Joe Nee himself.

But as usual, let’s not let facts get in the way of journalism.

2 thoughts on “Correction of facts in Marshfield

  1. Jim says:

    But as usual let’s not let facts get in the way of journalism.



  2. Intermittent News Observer says:

    Just another article (above) about how everyone involved is focused on the the whole immunity issue now instead of the crime and the trial. After changing their stories around Farrell and Sullivan are certainly clinging to immunity, as they work the system. Hence, with the immunity issue as the main news issue now, we’ll hope justice is only delayed a short time on the crime itself, so the Kerns trial can proceed in the near future, all the facts can come out in the case, and justice could possibly prevail in the end. Unfortunately, it appears immunity is, in fact, the main issue right now. Immunity is obviously very important to Farley and Sullivan, and it appears they are trying their hardest to avoid being prosecuted for their own involvement with the evidence provided — just an opinion of the information contained in the latest news articles.:roll:


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