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Letter: Use of names in Columbine column could mislead others into repeating actions:

This is a letter to the paper of Kansas State University. I don’t know the original article the author is referring to but it seems like it had something to do with the Columbine anniversary last week. Anyway, this is a person after my own heart…


I was appalled at Thursday’s column on the shooting at Columbine High School. The apparent lack of respect displayed by the article was very upsetting for me.

The author states that these individuals were not monsters; only their acts were monstrous. The minute these young men brought guns into a school and started shooting, they became monsters.

Another misstep by the author was the inclusion of their names. The names have been enshrined on Websites by other misguided youths, and have given them people to rally behind. The acts of those two individuals should never be forgotten, but their names should drift into obscurity.

I attended a school that was a middle-class, white suburban school just like Columbine, located on the opposite side of Denver.

My school was hit very hard by the reality of what happened, and how it easily could have been us. I did see the memorial that was set up shortly after the shooting and have never been anywhere so quiet, and yet the expressions of the people said so much.

On April 20, 1999, our schools felt less safe, and a community was trying to find answers as to why kids were killing other kids. A discussion of the reasons why two kids turned into monsters should be held. The discussion should never not include the great pain a community felt and the terror the students and faculty felt.

Chris Rude

Graduate Student

Animal Sciences and Industry

I do disagree on one point. The names of Harris and Klebold, scumbags that they are, should be remembered. If you forget the names of history’s monsters it will only be a matter of time before their crimes against humanity are forgotten too.

6 thoughts on “Never forget the monsters

  1. anomynous says:

    What’s so sad about it is that kids are out there idolizing them and glorifying them. There is nothing to idolize about Eric and Dylan. They have won! They did exactly what they set out to do because we as a society have allowed it to happen. Of course, I know there are also people who do the same with Charles Manson, Bonnie and Clyde, Ted Bundy, etc. I admit, I have an interest and curiousity about these kind of people and what makes them tick or what drives them to these terrible crimes, but I dang sure don’t idolize them. Give me a break! 🙄


  2. Jim says:

    fair enough


  3. Lois says:

    Your last statement was all too true, and my history teacher made a point of saying the very same thing when similar arguments were brought up.


  4. John Lynch says:

    Yes, I too have arranged Klebold and Harris as names alonside Hitler, Nero, Hilal- wait. No I didn’t.

    Klebold and Harris were two mentally unstable shrimps with access to guns and lots of blind eyes turned to their innumerable warning signs. That’s it. They didn’t enslave a race, they didn’t enact genocide, and they sure as hell didn’t plunge humanity into a dark age- that’s what actual historical monsters do. Only the narrow-minded or those personally affected would try and put these two goons on pedestals with Hitler and the like.


  5. Lach Graham says:

    John Lynch is right. Harris and Klebold aren’t as bad as Hitler or the like. They did not cause a dark age, or mass destruction, except perhaps on an emotional level. They are, however, EXTREMELY significant figures in Modern History. Before the 20th April 1999, the phrase “school shooting” wasn’t well known as it is today. They are dark figures of teenagers in this volatile world. That’s not to say they were victims, but I don’t think that they were “pampered and spoiled little brats” as some people say.


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