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MySpace predator suspect caught in LaPine:

A 24-year-old Hubbard, Ore. man was arrested after knocking on the door of a LaPine motel room, allegedly to meet two high school girls he chatted up in sexually explicit fashion at the online site, police said Friday.

Patrick Nicholas Buss was lodged in the Deschutes County Jail in Bend on several charges but released early Friday on his own recognizance, pending a court date next month, officials said.

Last month, two LaPine High students contacted the sheriff’s school resource officer and reported receiving sexually explicit e-mails from an unknown man at, said sheriff’s Capt. Tim Edwards.

The contact initially was only “friendly conversation, but changed to sexually explicit language over the course of a few weeks,” Edwards said.

Sheriff’s detectives began an investigation and identified the man as Buss, the captain said.

Buss allegedly made arrangements to come to LaPine “for the purpose of having sexual contact with the girls,” Edwards said in a news release.

Thursday evening, Buss allegedly knocked on a motel room door “where he believed one of the girls was present, but instead was (greeted) by sheriff’s detectives who took him into custody without incident,” Edwards said.

Early Friday, Deschutes County sheriff’s detectives raided Buss’s home in Hubbard, a small town between Salem and Portland, and seized additional evidence, Edwards said.

Buss was lodged in the Bend jail on charges of computer crime, contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor and third-degree charges of attempted sex abuse, attempted rape and attempted sodomy, Edwards said.

But a jail officer said he was released from the crowded jail Friday morning on his own recognizance pending a May 19 court date.

And we have two MySpace profiles for Buss here and here.

Welcome to the Rogues Gallery Paddy.

4 thoughts on “Patrick Buss

  1. jade says:

    again, i am disturbed at the number of teenage girls among his “friends”


  2. “released early Friday on his own recognizance”

    It will be Bye-Bye Buss…he will be gone now….I’d be surprised if anyone sees him show up…. May 19th.
    Typical for Ore…..on not taking sex predators serious. Unbelievable!!! (disgusted)


  3. JJ says:

    I am rather discused by this man. I used to know him. I just want to go send a link to all the girls on his page saying FYI, yet I doubt any will actually take it to heart. I really don’t get why they would let him out. and WHY didn’t they take his computer away from him!?!!!!??? Ugh, the world is getting worse, I hate the internet now.


  4. FallenOneX says:

    This is sad that ppl goto myspace to try to sexaul harm ppl. Makes it even harder for me too meet ppl on there because of all the sexaul predtors out there. Besides why do theses women talk to theses guys and not me ohwell. We have another micheal Jackson case here lol.


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