No fun at all

Columbine game no fun at all:

Here we have another review of the video game abomination that is Super Columbine Massacre RPG. This time from a Virginia Tech student newspaper. So you know it’s being reviewed by someone of relative gaming age who “gets” video games…

Although the game is not very graphic when compared with titles like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, it still sends a strong message to users. While it may seem to be nothing more than a Super Nintendo Mystic Quest-style pixellated RPG, the reality remains that it was created as a form of mockery of a very serious event.

The fact that this RPG exists says a lot about the lack of respect society gives to present-day situations. Although this Columbine incident occurred over five years ago, problems similar to these are still a concern in the public school system. If children download this game and go about playing it as if it’s all a funny joke, the message being given to them implies it’s OK — and even a bit funny — to go into their school and kill 13 people.

While some may argue that the game is actually enlightening because it lets outsiders see the emotions and logic behind the killers’ motives, it does not make up for the fact that, with a click of the mouse, a person can kill pixellated versions of the real victims involved that day. This game laughs in the faces of the friends and families of victims killed that day and utterly disrespects anyone who may have been in any way affected by the incident.

What more needs to be said?


This Can’t go on
I must inform the law
Can this still be real
Or just some crazy dream

-“Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden

Satanic references on myspace lead to precautions at Pisgah:

Here we go again…

Students at Pisgah High School are being kept inside all day after a rumor sparked by a threat made it on to the Web site,

“We had word that circulated about somebody that was going to come here and commit a crime,” Principal Danny Miller said Tuesday afternoon.

Miller said the school was not on lockdown, but was following a pre-determined safety plan.

School officials located the source of the rumor. Miller said it involved an adult from out-of-town who made no reference to Haywood County or Pisgah High School.

The rumor began after a Pisgah student talked to someone on who mentioned that June 6, 2006, might be a good day to miss school. The date, 06-06-06, was presented as a time when satanic groups could become active. School officials couldn’t discern how that date sparked rumors about potential events taking place at the school today.

I’m glad that the school was prepared and I’d rather have a school over-react than under-react but come on. We can’t lock down every school at the mere mention of 666. But I wouldn’t be surprised if some idiot did try something on that date. I’ll be glad when it’s 6/7/06.

Pine Middle School shooter sentenced

Teen Gets House Arrest in Nev. Shooting:

RENO, Nev. — A 14-year-old boy who shot and injured two fellow middle school students was sentenced Friday to house arrest until he completes 200 hours of community service.

Prosecutors had recommended James Scott Newman, who pleaded guilty to battery with a deadly weapon, be placed in a state juvenile facility.

Washoe County Juvenile Court Master Janet Schmuck acknowledged she struggled with the sentence before she ordered to him to have electronic monitoring and 24-hour supervision at his parents home in Reno.

“If it does not work to the court’s satisfaction, James will be committed,” Schmuck said. “But I want to give James and his family an opportunity to make it work.”

Deputy District Attorney Jo Lee Wickes immediately appealed the sentence, saying it was not proper given the seriousness of the crime.

He shot two people and all he gets is an ankle bracelet and community service. The judge is living up to her last name.

Center Grove ringleader found guilty

Teen convicted in school-takeover plot:

The 16-year-old ringleader in the plot to attack Center Grove High School in Indiana has been convicted of the charges against him…

A juvenile magistrate has found a 16-year-old boy responsible for planning the violent takeover of Center Grove High School, a plot that police disrupted after they were tipped off by other students.

Johnson Circuit Judge Mark Loyd said the teen could be sentenced to the Indiana Department of Correction until he reaches age 21. The boy’s fate will be decided June 8.

Police alleged the plot included killing the high school principal and holding more than 2,300 students and educators captive for a ransom of $4 million to $6 million.

Magistrate Marla Clark’s “true” finding against the ringleader is the equivalent of a guilty finding for an adult. In her written finding, filed Thursday, Clark said the boy took overt action to carry out the plot.

Clark wrote the boy engaged in a conversation with another teenager about his plan to take guns to school, cause the school to be locked down, round up all the students of the school and place them in the gym, confine them there and shoot some of them.

She also said the boy said he would demand money and cars.

Additionally, Clark found, the boy assigned other boys to check the school for people hiding and participate in other parts of the plan, including getting guns.

A list was made of students to be protected and, Clark said, the boy wrote out an outline of the plot.

Two of the other suspects have their hearing set for June 13th.

Senegalese Wrestling

Wrestlemania grips Senegal over ancient sport:

Now, this sounds like something I could get into more than the crap the WWE is putting on the air…

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — It is early evening in West Africa, and two young men in loincloths cover themselves in fine red dust and prepare to do battle. But this is no rural village scene.

Television cameras follow the fighters’ every move, and outside the stadium the streets heave with the traffic of one of the region’s most modern capitals.

Traditional wrestling, practiced for centuries in the Senegalese countryside, has evolved into a modern sports phenomenon.

Every child in the city knows the names of the biggest stars of the ring — Yekini, Bombardier and the American-styled Mike Tyson — each of whom can make up to $120,000 U.S. a fight. The sport is nationally televised, and important matches can fill a 60,000-seat stadium.

Many other traditional sports have declined in recent years because the public isn’t interested enough. But among Senegal’s youth, passion for their country’s ancient pastime is still alive and well.

Read the rest of the article. It’s a really great read. And with some of the crap ESPN puts on at night you would think they’d have room for this.

It’s about time

Game Creator Says Columbine Was A Wake-Up Call:

To be fair I want you to read the entire article and form your own opinion. However, read this quote from mutant Super Columbine Massacre RPG designer Danny Ledonne…

Ledonne still remembers vividly his reaction to Columbine back in 1999 when it shocked him out of his downward spiral.

“My reaction sort of had the same duality that a lot of people, or at least some people, had to 9/11, and that would be: I can’t believe this is happening and it’s about time,” he said.

And yet you still insist your game does not glorify Harris and Klebold.

More feedback on the Columbine RPG

The Register’s Young Adult Board of Contributors Weighs In:

Here’s what a young contributor to the Des Moines Register had to say about Super Columbine Massacre RPG…

It has recently been in the news that a computer game entitled “Super Columbine Massacre RPG” is gaining popularity. The game mimics such events as the 1999 Columbine School shooting. Containing actual footage of the shooters, players are put in the shoes of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in an attempt to kill as many students and teachers as possible. While victims’ parents and the public are outraged and appalled, not everyone is reacting negatively to this ignominy. Richard Castaldo, a paralyzed victim of the incident, claims to have played the game. While he says some parts were difficult to get through, in the end he didn’t think it was all that bad-“it might even be helpful,” he says. Though I’m no foe of video games, the level of disrespect and heartlessness in this game is astonishing. The game makes a sick mockery of a tragedy that affected not only the residents of Littleton, Colorado, but also the nation. It desensitizes people to such calamities and underestimates the devastating effects. We need to distinguish between fiction and reality-the horrors of school shootings are no game.

-Jo Gruenewald, Ames

I agree with her 100% except that in Richard’s own words he did not give the game a “thumbs up”.

Suggestions for France

Philadelphia Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky has some suggestions for the governments of France since one of them decided to name a street after convicted cop killing scumbag Mumia Abu-Jamal…

Here are a few things France might consider:

• Renaming Place de la Concorde, the largest public square in Paris, to honor girlfriend-killer/unicorn/all-around-health-hazard Ira Einhorn. As a further tribute to the former hippie planetary enzyme, they should order it never to be cleaned by the streets department.

• A small plaza adjoining Rue Abu-Jamal should commemorate the groundbreaking work of Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski. A statue in the center in the shape of a mailbox would be a nice touch.

• The market district known as the “belly of Paris,” Les Halles, must be reflagged as the Gary Heidnik District, to honor the financial wizard/dungeon-master/cannibal.

• The Eiffel Tower should be rededicated to the memory of Timothy McVeigh, to “honor” the “freedom fighter” who blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

• Rename the Bastille as Holmesburg.